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17 weeks right into a pregnancy, your body is make adjustments and space for the growth spurt that is about to take location in the fetus.

Your child’s skeleton is farming stronger by the day, and also they are starting to choose up on sounds and also voices.

This MNT knowledge Center attribute is component of a series of short articles on the various stages of pregnancy. It describes the symptoms of every stage, what to expect, and also insights into the breakthrough of her child.

The other posts in this collection can aid you through each main of pregnancy.

First trimester: fertilization, implantation, main 5, week 6, mainly 7, week 8, week 9, week 10, mainly 11, week 12.

Second trimester: main 13, mainly 14, week 15, week 16, main 18.


Share top top PinterestAfter 17 mainly of pregnancy, you may be able to feel the fetus move.
At week 17, you may be occurring a dark streak down the middle of the stomach. This is a normal change in pigmentation together the abdomen broadens to accommodate the growing fetus.

You will begin to feel the fetus moving for the an initial time at around 17 weeks, and you may even start to watch these movements. Your hair might start to become thicker as the price of herbal hair lose slows down.

Energy might be returning to your daily routine, and also you may start feeling much more confident together the bump becomes more visible.

Pain may likewise be emerging in the lower ago and under the legs. The fetus deserve to put push on the sciatic nerve, which leader to pain, especially down the earlier of the thighs and buttocks.


At this stage, your sleep may become blocked and also stuffy together hormones change. This is known as rhinitis that pregnancy and also should fix after the bear of the infant.

Hormonal changes reason the airways to swell, and also this can not only cause a blocked nose but likewise increase the likelihood the you will snore overnight.

Use a humidifier or wear sleep strips to minimize the impact of snoring and a stuffy nose. Natural treatment alternatives include making use of a 100-percent-saline nasal spray or a neti pot to clean congestion. Some antihistamines and allergy drugs are for sure for both you and also the infant, yet be certain to consult your physician before taking these.

If this nasal symptoms space accompanied by other symptoms the infection, speak come a doctor.

Hormones may also be leading to anxiety and also depression at this phase of pregnancy, on optimal of the worries around changes to life in general that come v bringing a child into the world.

Talk come a physician if girlfriend are encountering emotional challenges as a an outcome of pregnancy. Be safe techniques have the right to help, such together yoga, meditation, and also long baths.

Your kid is growing rapidly, and will now weigh around 5 oz. The fetus will more than 5 inch long, about the size of a nail buffer.

The umbilical cord is ending up being thicker and also stronger in ~ week 17. This is to carry out nutrition come the growing, delicate fetus.

The fetus is cultivation a great of fat, known as the adipose layer. This is a critical part that the metabolic mechanism that helps the fetus get weight and fills out its features.

The bones in the ears of the fetus will certainly be changing and cultivation daily, and also the fetus will certainly hear and respond to conversation and music. The fetus is growing eyelashes and eyebrows, and also its eyes have the right to move also though they will continue to be shut.

The finger have developed the lines that kind your children fingerprint, and also they will additionally be relocating more.

Aerobics is a kind of practice that help to combine the heart, lungs, and also muscles.

Women who already took component in aerobics before being pregnant can continue to carry out so, and also it can be a safe and also effective kind of exercise to start during pregnancy.

If friend are beginning aerobics during pregnancy, border exertion come 15-minute sessions three times every week. Build this up slowly to 4 30-minute sessions. If exercising, you should have the ability to breathe comfortably and also talk there is no difficulty. Just listen to your body, together your power levels and also limitations will change over the pregnancy.

To assist ease delivery and the return of typical bowel control and duty afterward, it can assist to carry out pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy.

You can find the pelvic floor muscle by preventing urine mid-flow. The muscle you usage to prevent the flow are the pelvic floor muscles.

To strengthen this muscles:

Sit through your knee a quick distance apart.Either stop instantly or host for 4 seconds. This will rely on whether you are trying to carry out long or quick squeezes.Break because that a couple of seconds and also repeat the motion.

As you develop up strength, rise the length and amount that repetitions. Sit down to exercise in this means three times a day.

A person’s way of life will have to gradually change throughout pregnant to adapt to the new arrival.


Many women feel came to that they room not eating because that two world during pregnancy. However, this is not necessary. At this stage, the fetus benefit plenty that nourishment native the placenta and also the human body of the mother. Ladies who space pregnant need to consume around 300 come 400 extra calories per day in the 2nd and third trimesters.

Make certain you room consuming enough vitamin D. Ladies who are pregnant should be taking a 400-800-International-Unit (IU) supplement of vitamin D every job to aid strengthen the bones of the fetus.

Click below to acquisition from a variety of vitamin D supplements. Please keep in mind that opening this attach will take it you come an exterior page.

This nutrient might be consisted of in her prenatal vitamins, so it is in sure and also read the nutritional information on your supplement and also review this through your doctor.

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Other issues

Symptoms of pregnant complications have the right to include:

leaking quality fluidvaginal bleeding or i of tissuefaintness or dizzinessrectal pressureshoulder painsevere pelvic ache or cramping

If you an alert any that the above symptoms, call your physician immediately.