A team of fifth-grade guys in Texas has come to be a global hit. All due to the fact that they pretended to be a team that synchronized swimmers.

It was during a talent present at Porter elementary school in Hurst, Texas. Eight students spent three minutes dressed in various develops of swimming gear. The turned the end to it is in pretty funny. A video clip has gone viral.

Without actually using a pool, the guys lined up together if they were in the water. They do fake dives and it looked pretty much like the actual thing. One of the boys" moms coached them v it all.

Check the end their act and also see what you think. Can something like this be done at your school?

The video clip is post on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um877cQMWHc

Source URL: https://www.londonchinatown.org/article/tween56/5th-grade-boys-perform-synchronized-swimming-skit/

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WOW! that was entertaining. I have one question was there even any kind of water due to the fact that it looks choose there is no water and also confusing. And also why would they perform that?


that is cool and also how those children performed choose that ns would desire to therefore that and that would be a cool opportunity to watch that


This was a really cool article. I thought it was amazing that the 5th graders made that look like they were yes, really swimming. They were every so in sync and it looked for this reason realistic. Every one in the crowd love it. I'm certain it to be a vast hit at Porter, elementary school in Texas.


This post is around a team of 5th grade boys lining their school talent show. For their act, they go a synchronized swim without an actual pool. Instead, lock did the on a stage mimicking plenty of real synchronized swim moves. Transparent the video, you have the right to hear the audience laughing and having a good time city hall the performance. Castle performed at their elementary school in Texas, after among the moms coached them. I discovered this article really amusing and additionally creative. I think that would do an plot in a talent show.


i think that it is remarkable that they might synchronize so well even though that there wasn't actually any kind of water listed below them. Ns think that boys' moms room really talented come teach them just how to fake swim. Ns don't think that simply anyone have the right to do together a great job that synchronizing. So i think that either the the boys are really talented or it to be just exactly how much initiative they putted in the talent show.


i think the these boys room funny because, it was so funny once they to be fake falling and also when they were doing the dance in the pool. I also think that when they fell in the water, it looked favor they were seals in the water. I additionally think that once they fell into the water, that looked choose they were human being dying and falling right into the water like people of the sea. I also think the the skit was yes, really funny and they were acting favor real actors. I also think that people who make the skit should have been that funniest world in the world because, the skit was really funny.


i watched the video and the was kind of hilarious. I think that is pretty weird due to the fact that boys aren't really onto synchronized swimming and also these boys are really right into synchronized swimming. I think these boys would want to end up being Olympic synchronized swimmers once they flourish up. They have the right to be yellow medalists. I can imagine your performance in the summer Olympics.


This is an extremely clever and could definitely see youngsters at mine school carry out something favor that although friend don't normally see guys dance choose that.


Wow! I thought the fifth grader team was in reality swimming in a real pool. Yet some components were not that interesting however really funny. Prefer the diving part was really funny and also when they put there legs up i got perplexed if that was swimming or ballet.


REBUTTAL:I disagree v you due to the fact that I don't think that it was yes, really confusing. I also think the it didn't look choose they were actually swimming in a swimming pool since it wasn't a swim pool, yet instead it was an ocean that they to be trying come swim in. One point you need to do is add an ext things about why it looked favor they were swimming in a swimming pool, because I didn't think the they actually were swim in a swimming pool.

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