Many Canadians usage the nutrition label to find out around the amount of calories or nutrients found in a specific food. The nutrition label has actually plenty of info to assist you do healthy selections at the grocery store store. The nutrition label consists of the Nutrition truth table, the ingredient list, wellness claims and nutrient contents claims. Health claims and also nutrient content cases are two tools found on pre-packaged foods items that can assist you make healthy choices.

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What is a health claim?

A health insurance claim is a statement around a food and what it might do for your health when eaten as component of a healthy diet. Foods that have actually health insurance claims may assist lower the threat of particular diseases choose cancer, heart disease, stroke and also osteoporosis. Choosing foods through health insurance claims may aid you reduced your threat of these diseases when offered as component of an all at once healthy and well-balanced diet.

Below are instances of health insurance claims you may uncover on part foods:

A healthy and balanced diet affluent in vegetables and fruit may help reduce the risk of some species of cancer.A healthy and balanced diet short in saturated and also trans fat may reduce the risk of love disease.A healthy diet containing foodstuffs low in sodium and high in potassium might reduce the threat of high blood pressure, a risk element for stroke and heart disease.A healthy diet with adequate calcium and also vitamin D and also regular physical activity helps to achieve strong bones and also may minimize the danger of osteoporosis.Plant sterols help lower cholesterol.

All foods with health insurance claims must meet specific criteria collection by health and wellness Canada. This ensures that all health insurance claims are true and also accurate. Some foodstuffs may not have actually a health case even despite they may satisfy the criteria. This may be because they room not pre-packaged such together fresh fruit and vegetables. This may additionally be due to the fact that some food service providers decide no to use health and wellness claims. That is why it is essential to also read the Nutrition truth Table and follow Canada’s Food guide to help you do the best decisions around which foodstuffs to buy.

What is a nutrient content claim?

A nutrient content insurance claim is different than a wellness claim. A nutrient content claim is a statement about the quantity of a nutrient found in a food. Nutrient content claims assist you come consume much more or much less of a particular nutrient. They need to be true and accurate just like health claims. Choosing foods with nutrient content insurance claims will assist you get more of details nutrients prefer calcium and also fibre and less of various other nutrients like sodium and also sugar.

Below space some examples of nutrient content claims and what castle mean:

Nutrient content claim

What the means


The food must have actually less than 0.5 grams that fat every serving

Low sodium

The food must have actually less 보다 140 milligrams of sodium per serving

Reduced calories

The food must have actually 25% under calories per serving than the food it is being contrasted to

No included sugar

The food must not have any included sugarNote: natural sugars may be present in the food

Contains omega-3 fats

The food must have at the very least 0.3 grams the omega-3 fats every serving

Good source of calcium

The food must have at least 15% that the recommended daily intake of calcium

High source of fibre

The food must have actually at least 4 grams that fibre per serving


The portion of meat or poultry consists of 10% fat or less

For a complete list of all the nutrient contents claims, visit health and wellness Canada.

Where room health and also nutrient content cases found?

Check the packaging of foods items in the grocery save to discover health claims and also nutrient contents claims. They space usually discovered on the prior of food packaging.

How space health and also nutrient content cases regulated?

The Canadian Food Inspection firm regulates health and also nutrient content cases to make certain that all food carriers use lock accurately.

The bottom line

Health claims and nutrient content insurance claims should be used in combination with the Nutrition truth Table and also ingredient list. Lock are additional tools to do it less complicated to select healthy foods items at the grocery store store.

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Be sure to look at for foodstuffs that are part of Canada’s Food guide as the very first step in making healthy eating choices.