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chapter 1
abdominocentesis The surgical puncture the the abdominal cavity to remove fluid.
acronym A word formed from the initial letter of the major parts that a link term.
acute has actually a fast onset, a significant course, and also a relatively short duration.
angiography The radiographic study of blood ship after the injection of a contrast medium to do these blood vessels visible.
appendectomy The surgical removal the the appendix.
arteriosclerosis The abnormal hardening that the wall surfaces of one artery or arteries.
arthralgia ache in a joint or joints.
colostomy The surgical development of an synthetic excretory opening between the colon and the human body surface.
cyanosis Blue discoloration that the skin brought about by a absence of adequate oxygen in the blood.
dermatologist A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the skin.
diagnosis The to know of a disease.
diarrhea The frequent circulation of loose or watery stools.
edema Swelling brought about by one abnormal buildup of liquid in cells, tissues, or cavities of the body.
endarterial Pertaining come the inner or lining of an artery.
eponym A disease, structure, operation, or procedure named for the human being who found or explained it first.
erythrocyte A tires red blood cell.
fissure A groove or crack-like sore that the skin.
fistula one abnormal passage, usually between two interior organs or leading from an body organ to the surface of the body.
gastralgia pain in the stomach.
gastritis one inflammation that the stomach.
gastroenteritis an inflammation the the stomach and little intestine.
gastrosis Any condition of the stomach.
hemorrhage The ns of a large amount the blood in a brief time.
hepatomegaly Abnormal enlargement of the liver.
hypertension Higher-than-normal blood pressure.
hypotension Lower-than-normal blood pressure.
epidemic The invasion of the body by a pathogenic (disease-producing) organism.
inflammation a localized an answer to an injury or come the devastation of tissues.
interstitial Between, yet not within, the parts of a tissue.
intramuscular within the muscle.
laceration A take it or jagged wound or one accidental cut wound.
lesion A pathologic change of the tissues due to disease or injury.
malaise A emotion of basic discomfort or uneasiness that is regularly the very first indication of an epidemic or various other disease.
mycosis any kind of abnormal condition or condition caused by a fungus.
myelopathy any pathologic readjust or condition in the spinal cord.
myopathy any pathologic readjust or an illness of muscle tissue.
myorrhexis The rupture of a muscle.
natal Pertaining come birth.
neonatology The study of obstacle of the newborn.
neurorrhaphy Suturing with each other the ends of a severed nerve.
otorhinolaryngology The study of the ears, nose, and also throat.
palpation an examination method in which the examiner’s hand are provided to feeling the texture, size, consistency, and location of specific body parts.
palpitation A pounding or gyeongju heart.
pathology The research of all elements of diseases.
phalanges The skeletal of the fingers and toes.
poliomyelitis A viral infection of the gray matter of the spinal cord.
prognosis A forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disorder.
pyoderma any type of acute, inflammatory, pus-forming bacterial skin infection such together impetigo.
pyrosis likewise known together heartburn, the discomfort due to the regurgitation that stomach mountain upward right into the esophagus.
remission The temporary, partial, or complete disappearance of the symptoms of a disease without having accomplished a cure.
sign Objective proof of condition such together a fever.
supination The act of rotating the eight so that the palm that the hand is front or upward.
suppuration The formation or discharge the pus.
supracostal over or exterior the ribs.
symptom Subjective evidence of a disease, such as pain or a headache.
syndrome A set of the signs and symptoms that take place together as part of a specific disease process.
tonsillitis one inflammation the the tonsils.
trauma A wound or injury.
triage The medical screening of patient to identify their relative priority the need and also the suitable place that treatment.

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viral Pertaining to a virus.