Icepick scars are small but deep pits in the surface of the skin. They are treated utilizing an tool to “punch” out the pit. This site have the right to be closed with a suture (punch excision) or the basic skin have the right to be elevated (punch elevation).

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Boxcar scars are larger in area but reasonably shallow, through well demarcated borders. Since they are much less deep, the is feasible to treat boxcar scars virtually entirely making use of laser treatments such as ActiveFX and also DeepFX. This has many advantages. Lasers are a non-surgical alternative that it is intended smooth, even results. Even for other varieties of scars, many patients opt for a laser treatment as a last touch to accomplish refined skin.

Rolling scars space gently undulating depressions in the skin. They may be soft or firm. Effective treatments include energetic FX, Deep FX, dermal fillers, 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, and also microneedling.

Acne is a common problem the affects a staggering 40-50 million american annually. The scars that an outcome from center to serious acne persist for years and negatively influence social life and self esteem. Fortunately, continuing advances in dermatology sell a multitude of solutions.

Scarring or discoloration because of acne space common. Successful treatment of scar will improve appearance and promote healthy and balanced skin in the future. Acne scars come in a wide variety of types, each with unique characteristics. Many thanks to medical advances, however, a variety of treatments are available to deal with specific types of scarring.

Acne scars deserve to be split into three general categories: Icepick, Boxcar, Rolling and Hypertrophic.

We treat each type differently. Learn an ext about treatment choices for each form below.



When scar tissue is produced in excess, the is described as hypertrophic: a raised, rounded lump of fibrous tissues. Hypertrophic scarring is firm come the touch and also can it is in painful or discolored. The most reliable treatment equipment is a combination of spring lasers and steroid injections. Steroid injections minimize inflammation and also scar volume, while the laser smooths the surrounding skin.

Acne can alter the coloration of skin and its texture. Discoloration at the site of ahead blemishes is an extremely common and also can be stubborn, lingering because that years after a scar has actually diminished. There room two key types: hyperpigmentation and also erythema.

Hyperpigmentation results as soon as elevated level of melanin, which provides skin that color, are kept on the skin’s surface adhering to an inflammation. Erythema is a product that inflammation. Both conditions reason blotchy areas, typically bright red come brown in color, and are regularly resistant come topical treatments.

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Fortunately, this unnatural coloring can be greatly improved v Intense Pulsed irradiate (IPL) technology, which utilizes an exact wavelengths that pulsed irradiate to target trouble areas. The ax “Fotofacial” is an additional term for intense Pulsed light (IPL).