I appropriate click a photo file, select properties, uninstall properties and personal information, create a copy through all possible properties removed, OK

I challenge "The activity can"t it is in completed due to the fact that the document is open up in COM Surrogate" this only started happening after ~ installing home windows 10 pro 64-bit build 10586.3 and now .11 With develop 10240 i never had that message pop up. I can"t discover a solution and this wake up on two separate systems with various editions of windows 10. I tried to run system record checker however it didn"t help.

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Does anyone know if this is miscellaneous I have the right to fix or is that a windows 10 bug?

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I ideal click a snapshot file, choose properties, uninstall properties and an individual information, produce a copy with all feasible properties removed, OKI confront "The action can"t be completed due to the fact that the paper is open up in COM Surrogate" this only started happening after installing windows 10 agree 64-bit construct 10586.3 and also now .11 With construct 10240 i never had that post pop up. Ns can"t find a solution and also this happens on two separate systems with various editions of home windows 10. Ns tried to run system paper checker yet it didn"t help.Does anyone understand if this is other I have the right to fix or is it a home windows 10 bug?

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Ignoring that this shows up to be a straight lift, anyone who"s top top the 10K series builds should have long back forced an upgrade to the later builds, together 10586 is every the method back in version 1511.   variation 1607 is the earliest variation that virtually anyone, v the really rarest of exceptions that probably don"t use to everyone posting here, need to be on.


The roll-out of variation 1703 is currently far enough along that ns don"t think it"s premature to usage either the Windows update Assistant at the home windows 10 Update web page or to usage the Media creation Tool to download the ISO, burn bootable media, climate follow these instructions to get to version 1703.

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