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Alejandro Amenábar"s Life

1972 saw the birth of one of Spain"s many notable talented directors. Alejandro Amenábar prospered up in Spain after having fled the corruption-wracked Chile as a young boy in addition to his family. He easily acknowledged his unquenchable thirst for a life dedicated to film-making, and as a teenager was currently directing short films.

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His household moved come Madrid in Spain where they lived for a when in a campervan before moving into a more permanent residence in 1978. His parents desired Alejandro to not watch television, but to read, write and also play musical tools which is more than likely why that is so an innovative today. Alejandro Amenábar studied in assorted schools in Madrid and also the surrounding area. Amenábar started studying at university in Madrid but famously reduce out. However, here he would make many advantageous friends that would help him later in life, such together the famed Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega.

In 1991 he exit his very first short film entitled La Cabeza, which automatically brought Alejandro Amenábar the end of anonymity by earning the a prize from the Amateur elevation Filmmakers Association. He automatically followed his first success up through an equally if not much better showing through Himenóptero in 1992, i m sorry garnered best short movie awards at assorted film festivals. He also began teaching self music so the he could include scores to this movies.

Tésis, Alejandro Amenábar"s first full-length function film, hit display screens when the was just 22 year old and also secured the young director"s reputation as among Spain"s greatest cinematic promises. The movie was set in the details Sciences room of Amenábar"s old university, the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". It to be so successful that it was nominated because that eight Goya awards, of i m sorry it winner seven, including ideal Film.

In 1997, Amenábar exit the psychological and also science-fiction based movie, "Abre los ojos" (Open your Eyes) i beg your pardon starred Penelope Cruz and also Eduardo Noriega. "Abre los ojos" was a very powerful movie and even made an impression on Tom Cruise. Cruise acquired the rights to the film and also became the director and also star of his American remake of the movie i m sorry was dubbed "Vanilla Sky". Tom Cruise likewise requested Penelope Cruz come play the same role as she did in the original film.

Following this, Alejandro Amenábar do an English language movie in 2001, "The Others", i m sorry starred Tom Cruise"s previous wife, Nicole Kidman. This movie was both successful in Spain and also abroad, and also especially in the USA. "The Others" received eight Goyas including finest Film and also Best Director.

The year of 2004 observed Amenábar develop a film concerning a controversial true story. "Mar Adentro" (The Sea Inside) encountered the story that a Spanish man, Ramón Sampedro (played by javier Bardem), who was paralyzed native the neck down, and also his decision to end his life in a dignified manner. However again, this movie to be another vast success for Alejandro Amenábar together it winner fourteen Goya awards, including ideal Film and Best Director, and also it won the Oscar award for finest Foreign Language movie in 2004.

To this day, the multi-talented Amenábar tirelessly works as director, screenwriter, and also musical composer the his films, sometimes additionally lending an able hand together cameraman and also editor.

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Alejandro Amenábar has said that his movies room not movie of answers however of questions. His repertoire of films attributes intelligent, intricate and also twisting plots the tackle a variety of highly original subjects in extremely original ways. Pulling his impacts from standard terror movies and effortlessly integrating various other genres such as science fiction and the demented "snuff-movies," the majority of Alejandro Amenábar"s movies are flawless, tension-filled emotional thrillers.

Always questioning and exploring new terrain, Alejandro Amenábar takes a rest from the thriller genre to delve right into the ever-controversial topics of death with dignity and also euthanasia in the emotional and heart-breaking film Mar Adentro


While Alejandro Amenábar"s film career has no indication of slow down any kind of time soon, he has currently garnered a lifetime supply of awards. Not only have his films impressed and also inspired audiences approximately the world, but they"ve additionally earned the young manager Oscars, Goya Awards, European film Awards, Critics selection Awards, golden Globes, and also much more. Amenábar"s masterpieces include: