In this multi-part audio series, pagan Nathans, combine Professor of Theatre in ~ the college of Maryland, introduces you to musical theatre using instances from Broadway, the history, structure and elements of music theater, musical theater"s role in making society commentary, its legacy, and also how you as well can produce a musical.

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Before you obtain started, think that what you already know around musical theater. Keep this in mind together you listen to the lectures. Pause the audio track now and also then to amount up what you have learned or playback a segment to stop and think around what it method to you. Think around how her experience and what you know around musical theater matches what heather Nathans is saying. Room you surprised by something she says, go something feel acquainted to girlfriend or validate your own observations?


The background of American music Theater

From minstrel shows and also Vaudeville to the modern stage, a look at the trends and also ideas that shaped American music theater.

The early on forms of theater in America which caused the birth of the music incorporated well-known songs that were straightforward to sing and also that didn’t necessarily aid tell the plot that the story. Later on on, the music became more tied come the story till the song had actually a story and also character of its own and then to the point that the music might be both irradiate hearted and also soulful. Have the right to you describe the development which brought about this contemporary version the the musical in terms of the music that was offered over the years?

Think the the example that heath Nathans gives around Showboat which she determined as a “hybrid” musical. What do you think inspired its creators in ~ that particular moment in time to transition away from the old layout of theatre without make a finish break from the past?

Think around the advancement of the simplistic creates of theater when our nation was young which pre-dated the musical approximately the technologically progressed and sophisticated shows the are developed today as our democracy has actually matured some 240 years. Define the parallels growth patterns that you view in musical theater, society, technology and the human being sciences like medicine and psychology. Deserve to you make any kind of connections or attract parallels between musical theater and also these trends?


What provides a musical a Musical?

A music is not a cabaret show and also it’s no an opera, join Heather Nathans as she deconstructs the musical and examines the distinct elements that make it unique.

Every music starts out this way. Shortly after we meet the main character we discover out something an extremely important around that character once they sing what heath Nathans calls your “I want” song. Why do you think this is a an excellent way to begin off a story? how does knowing the heart’s desire of key character do you care around that character? Why can it issue to friend what the main character wants? walk it make you think that going for what you want in life?

Heather Nathans argues that once done well the music and also movement will let you recognize what you should be feeling even if you don’t acquire the words. How do you think this happens? could it have something to carry out with the means our brains and bodies procedure sound and motion compared to dialogue?

Consider how many much more professionals must collaborate to create a musical 보다 a basic dramatic play, and the special skills required by the performers. How do girlfriend think including the facet of music and also dance come a beat affects the an innovative process?


society Commentary and also Musical Theater

FromThe Beggar’s OperatoAvenue Q., musicals have actually commented on social problems for as lengthy as there has actually been musical theatre in America.

People have always gone to the theater expecting to be entertained. What execute you find interesting about theater i m sorry talks about social and political issues as entertainment? Why execute you think we have such a long background of doing this? how does this relate to our very first amendment ideal of freedom of speech?

Avenue Qbroke many obstacles in terms of subject matter for musical theater. Can you think of a subject issue that has actually not however been addressed by musical theater that now could be? perform you think there is a topic that could still present difficulties as a tale for a musical venue or that would still be considered taboo because that musical theater? how do friend think we benefit by assessing these complicated subjects v the lens the story, song and also dance?

There will always be worries of large social importance to face; wars, poverty, injustice to name a few. In ~ the community level over there are additionally always object of contention in between people or teams like budget issues, environmental concerns, bullying and the like. What do you think might happen if her school, or ar (or family) obtained together to placed on a music to address pressing issues you space facing? can this be a way to learn about and talk around a complicated topic in a an imaginative and maybe even a humorous or light hearted way?


whereby is Musical theater Headed?

As the absent musical gave way to the spectacle musical, mirrors likeCats,Phantom of the OperaandStarlight Expresscame come rely less on story and an ext on technology. Pagan Nathans talks around the changes in musical theatre in the last forty years and where musical theater shows up to be headed.

Looking ago at the history of musical theater in America, there was a period of loved one stability adhered to by some pivotal clues of readjust in the method musicals were presented. Describe when just how the musical changed over the food of the critical hundred years.

In the 1970’s and also 1980’s musical theater hit a slump after around 60 years of family member stability. Throughout this time the an innovative energy behind the music was spent on developing extravagant one-of-a-kind effects. Why carry out you think this readjust happened? do you think this readjust was moved by audience demand or by creative inspiration or through the modern technology itself? go we shed our attention in story? Did modern technology give united state a feeling of wonder, power, control? What else to be happening in the human being of art, politics, and culture at this time? How can that have had anything to execute with this change?

As you have the right to see, the background of musical theatre is one art type that has actually gone through many changes and also continues come thrive and also be important to our social experience. Have the right to you draw a comparison between musical theater and also a living organism or as something that has actually a organic life bicycle of its own? What deserve to studying the history of musical theater reveal around our society that say the history of politics or science or legislation can not tell us?


Disney’s duty in musical Theater

Music and dance have been part of American theater due to the fact that the beforehand days of our country. Think around what you heard native Heather Nathans and also any Disney musicals you have seen. What do Disney musicals and Broadway musicals have in common?

When Walt Disney started making movies, that an innovation was in the infancy. Disney take it the musical theatre formula and also put it right into cartoons that were generally intended for children and also families. Just how do girlfriend think Disney got the idea to do this? were Disney’s musicals immediately welcomed by audiences or carry out you think they took some acquiring used to?

Think about the kind of entertainment that you enjoy, i m sorry is probably marketed come you and also your friends. Can you imagine a means to repackage that same kind that entertainment come a various audience, say her grandparents or the army or factory workers?

In an odd turn, the Broadway musical exported through Walt Disney come cartoons in the 1930’s was returned to Broadway by Disney in the 1990’s. As soon as musical theater hit a slump, Disney revived the organization by bringing its cartoon stories to the stage. What do you think taken place in America to do the musical theater go the end of favor? could it be due to the fact that people were going to the movies instead? Or since the difficulties of society were too serious or not serious sufficient for the general public to seek entertainment in the musical?

Think about the long background of Disney; starting out in the animated cartoon business, then making attribute length musicals, and then Broadway bound because that spectacular productions. What do you think about a firm that have the right to be successful in so countless ways? Why do you think Disney went ago to Broadway with their musical know how? was it an imaginative ambition? might it be since they experienced an possibility to do money? To catch a various audience? Were your movie audiences changing, thereby forcing them come reinvent your product?

just how to create a Musical

In this piece, heather Nathans is join by Joe Stein and Sheldon Harnick (writers ofFiddler on the Roof) and also Stephen Schwartz (who wrotePippin,Godspell,andWicked) to talk around how a musical it s okay written.

If you want to execute heart surgery, fly an aircraft or build a leg there space things you recognize you would must do an initial in order to be able to achieve those goals. To accomplish excellence in the arts calls for the same kind of commitment and effort. What steps do you must take to create a musical?

Stories come from numerous places, an individual experiences, people tales, history, the hero’s quest and also so on. Think the the common facets of these type of stories and also how they have been told with musical theater in the past. What room some topics that girlfriend think you can turn right into a story because that musical theater? What twisted of plot and also character advancement would you usage to tell this story?

Just around everything is interesting if you gain interested in it. Thinking about the history of musical theatre in America there have been well known personalities, prolific writers and composers, songs that have actually become component of our nationwide identity, fortunes made and lost, the exportation of our society around the human being to surname a couple of topics.

If you were to call the story of the history of American music theater as a musical play, exactly how would girlfriend go about it?

The illustration in this series have dealt with the opened songs and also the songs that tell the story. What about the huge finish? take a watch at some of the finales in the shows stated or others you might know and see what fads or themes you can find. Below is a collections of finales native musicals:


American culture has been exported all over the civilization through cinema. In particular, Mumbai, India has taken cues from the Hollywood musical to create their very own brand of singing and dancing in the “Bollywood” musical. Take a look at at how the Bollywood music reflects and also influences an global audience.

This in-depth series on American musical theater examines:

the background and metamorphosis of musical theateranalysis of a musicalthe musical together social commentarymusical theater as a have fun of culturestorytelling with songDisney’s contribute to music theater

There room so numerous ways you have the right to use this series. Think around these options:

an arrival to a music theater ar tripan introduction to staging a musicalfor a unit on an innovative writing and storytellingfor a unit top top music compositiona music appreciation lessonto find out what’s on your student’s mindsto improve an American background lesson

You might want to hear to the lectures together a huge group. When you listen a point relevant to your group pause the audio so girlfriend can discuss it. Avoid in between lectures because that guided group discussion. Use the concerns in the tab over to gain the conversation going if you need to.

Decide if girlfriend would favor your class to job-related individually, in tiny groups or together a big group.

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Individual or small group – every student/group would produce a mini musical theater piece including:A story conceptA plot with a beginning, middle and endCast of characters including main characters and also supporting charactersThree songs including: one “I want” song, a tune to relocate the plot along, and a finale number. The songs can be initial or new lyrics written for existing popular tunes or existing famous songs i m sorry are suitable to tell the story.Large team - as a team the class would produce one musical. Assign the complying with jobs to people or partners:Producer – organizes the deadlines of the assorted jobs and over sees that everyone is advancing towards conference their deadlinesWriter/s – creates the story concept, advancement of characters, dialogue, develops the plot which consists of a conflict, climax and resolutionComposer/s – develop songs including an “I want” tune a song to move the plot along, and also a finale number. The songs can be original or new lyrics created for existing renowned tunesTechnician/s – designs any needed technical support i.e.: sound, lights, unique effects,

Supply your students with a choice current magazines, newspaper or internet headlines.

Direct your class to select a story native headlines and also turn it right into a musical by writing an “I want” song, a song to move the plot along and a finale. Come up through an idea the your own or choose one that the following ideas:

a crimehuman attention storysports storyweather storyodd sphere storypolitical news