No one maybe knows the heart Sutra that Buddhism better than the disgraced "nun" Sik Chi-ding that has had some tough lessons in life on problem of love and money.

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After dealing with questions over her financial dealings and also "sham" marriages, the former abbess that Ting Wai Monastery is under the spotlight again due to yet an additional complication from a past love affair.

This time, among her ex-boyfriends desires to seek compensation because that jail time the he served, blaming his misfortune for the association v Chi-ding.

In what seems prefer a contemporary TVB drama, Chi-ding lived through a mainlander named Yang Rong three years after she ended up being a nun.

Back in 2003, the pair lived together in Shenzhen wherein Yang is stated to have actually financed a home-purchase for Chi-ding and likewise spent money ~ above doing increase the house, spending much more than half a million yuan.

The connection went well till Chi-ding do the efforts to break up through Yang that exact same year as she found that the companion was an alcoholic.

But Yang warned her against leaving him, threatening Chi-ding that he will release saucy image of her and additionally reveal their partnership to the people if she didn"t comply.

When the push tactics didn"t seem come work, Yang mailed some photos to a job-related supervisor that Chi-ding. However the relocate failed to acquire the desired result.

Chi-ding, meanwhile, reported the issue to Shenzhen police, declare harassment and also blackmail. In in march 2005, authorities set a trap and arrested Yang together he was accepting a 100,000 yuan payoff native Chi-ding.

Yang was provided a three-year jail term, which to be later reduced short, helping him come walk out of jail in in march 2006.

Now after ~ a decade, the is quiet angry v his former lover and also feels that he has been a victim.

"I hate her. Why go she collection me up and put me in jail? She is such a poisonous woman," that told headline Daily.

"I should not have actually loved her; ns paid the price."

Chi-ding, incidentally, has subsequently been accused of entering into two sham marriages with mainland monks to assist them obtain Hong Kong residency.

Last year, revelations surfaced that Chi-ding married a monk named Chi Keung in respectable 2006, and also that she divorced him in 2012. Later she married one more monk Chi Kwong, that was nominated to the board of the Ting Wai Monastery in Tai Po.

The bogus relationships were revealed together with allegations that Chi-ding pocketed substantial donations from her believers.

The misappropriated accumulation were said to have been used by the chef nun on things such as purchase of high value mahogany furniture and also a huge insurance policy.

As she battles those charges and also now deals with potential cases from Yang, Chi-ding should be wondering about the twists and also turns of fate and perhaps gaining philosophical.

Meanwhile, over there is speculation the a protégé of Chi-ding is trying to offer her house in Tai Po in ~ a far-ranging loss.

According to Apple Daily, the 2,400-square-foot house is ~ above the sector for HK$28 million, method below the salvation price that HK$39.5 million.

Having purchase the residence at the Beverly Hills gated neighborhood in 2010, the Chi-ding protégé, who is likewise a nun, is dealing with a ns of nearly HK$12 million.

Beverly Hills is one of the very couple of local residential tasks that walk not view price escalation in the past six years, also as numerous other real estate estates experienced prices nearly twin in the same period.

The story of the nuns and also the monks, recognized to be human being with wisdom because they have a mission to assist fellow humans, reflects that lock are just like the remainder of us and not over making mistakes.

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Also, as someone said, reality isn"t actually real, it"s simply the ghosts the the past that impact our lives today.