Are girlfriend in the sector for one American traditional toilet? space you confused about which toilet to select between the American traditional Champion 4 and also American conventional Champion 4 Max? don’t worry; you’re no alone.The American standard Champion 4 and also American traditional Champion 4 Max room two great toilet models. This units are durably made, comfortable, easy to clean, have actually the appropriate height, space water-efficient, and have a superb flushing system. Read this American standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max article to know much more about this toilet differences.

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Even despite they have a lot of similarities, these bathrooms still differ together one uses 1.28 GPF and another 1.6 GPF. Also, one toilet is a one-piece unit, and also another is a two-piece unit. To discover out i m sorry toilet ideal suits you, check out this comparison review to the end.

Features Comparison: American standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max


American standard Champion 4

American typical Champion 4 Max

Bowl:Comfort HeightRight Height
Flush Type:Siphon JetChampion Flushing System
Material:PorcelainVitreous China
ADA Compliant:NoYes
Water Consumption:1.6 GPF1.285 GPF
Check Today’s PricePros:

Sleek and luxurious designEverClean surface ar keeps the toilet cleanLarge completely glazed trapway for straightforward clearance of wasteLow-consumption toiletComfortable heightElongated key for added comfortADA compliant10-year warranty


The toilet comes much less toilet seatIt is no EPA WaterSense certified

American traditional Champion 4 Max Right height Toilet

Another high quality American typical Champion 4 toilet is the Champion 4 Max. Special a different bowl and tank, this restroom is simple to install and very comfortable. It provides the user three colors to select from. These space white, bone, and also linen. Therefore, you can constantly select a shade that complements your bathroom style.

Moreover, the Champion 4 max is sleek and stylish, which method that it will add great appeal to her bathroom. Besides, the toilet is comfortable to sit ~ above or stand up together it comes with the right elevation rim. So, both adults and also disabled civilization will reap using the toilet. However, much shorter people will have a an obstacle as that is slightly taller for them.

What’s more, the toilet features an imaginative PowerWash rim the scrubs the bowl very efficiently ~ every flush. Also, the toilet is reliable in flushing together it doesn’t leave behind any waste or marks ~ every flush. Many thanks to the dominant champion 4 flushing system. Along with the EverClean surface, her toilet i will not ~ need continual cleaning together this finish avoids particles and also waste from adhering to the interior and exterior surface of the toilet.

Similar come the above American conventional Champion 4 toilet, this unit no come through a toilet seat. So, girlfriend will need to buy it separately. Overall, this is an excellent purchase together you gain value for her money.


Sturdy constructionEasy to constructMeets EPA WaterSense standardsEverClean surface keeps toilet cleaner because that longerExcellent flushing system that moves large masses that wasteChair elevation accommodates different peopleHigh-efficiency toilet as it provides 1.28 GPF10-year warranty


Toilet seat is purchase separatelyQuite an overwhelming to clean as it has actually a gap in between tank and also bowl

Which is better? American conventional Champion 4 or Champion 4 Max toilet?

American conventional Champion 4 toilet collection has lots of impressive toilets come offer, as we’ve watched above. The toilet that you pick should attend to your demands. Both room comfortable, sturdy, elegant, and also have an reliable flushing system.

The American standard Champion 4 right height one-piece toilet is right for individuals looking for a luxurious and also easy come clean toilet. ~ above the other hand, the American conventional Champion 4 Max two-piece restroom is perfect for civilization who want to save water.Regardless that the toilet that you choose, you will still acquire excellent performance and comfort. So, do the right choice.

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Still, have questions after reading this American standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max? Comment below.