The EX old Horse Rumors quest is among many brand-new missions added as component of Zelda: Breath that the Wild"s second DLC pack.

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Playing it through will take it you to the Ancient Saddle and also Ancient Bridle, 2 upgrades to her horse.

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Ancient Saddle quest

This component of EX old Horse Rumors pursuit isn"t located too much from where you found the journal at the start of this quest. Friend should have unlocked the Ka"o Makagh Shrine if visiting the Highland Stable, if not, you"ll uncover it on a ridge overlooking the stables. If you"ve currently unlocked it, rapid travel over, and head south east.

Use the hill behind the shrine to cross end to Lake of the steed God and also land ~ above the leg that the cross it. Monitor the trail the leads right into the mountains and also you"ll discover a large plant pod. Behind it, you"ll view a chest fifty percent buried in the mud. If girlfriend can"t do it, revolve on Magnesis and it should glow pink. Pull the chest complimentary and open up it to add the old Saddle to your inventory.


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Ancient Bridle quest

Unlike the ancient Saddle, the old Bridle calls for a little more travel. The article is located high up in the Satori Mountains, which friend can discover just south of Hyrule bridge (located in the Ridgeland region of Hyrule).

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All you have to do is warp here, rise to the really top and also look for a tiny lake v a large tree overlooking the (you must encounter a unicorn when you"re here). The chest is buried in the ground at the foot of this tree. Usage Magnesis to traction it out and also the ancient Bridle is yours.

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