Ancient Asia young is a geographic region located in the south-western component of Asia comprising most that what is contemporary Turkey. The earliest recommendation to the an ar comes from tablets of the Akkadian empire (2334-2083 BCE) whereby it is recognized as "The land of the Hatti" and also was inhabited by the Hittites.

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The Hittites themselves referred to the land together "Assuwa" (or, earlier, Aswiya) which actually just designated the area around the delta of the river Cayster but came to be applied to the entire region. Assuwa is thought about the Bronze age origin because that the name "Asia" together the Romans later designated the area. It was called, by the Greeks, "Anatolia" (literally, "place the the climbing sun", because that those lands come the eastern of Greece).

Name & Regions

The surname "Asia Minor" (from the Greek "Mikra Asia" - little Asia) was first coined by the Christian chronicler Orosius (c. 375-418 CE) in his occupational Seven books of history Against the Pagans in 400 CE to identify the key of Asia from that region which had actually been evangelized through Paul the Apostle (which consisted of sites known from Paul"s Epistles in the Bible such together Ephesus and Galatia). The byzantine Empire that the nine century CE referred to the an ar as "East Thema" i m sorry meant, simply, Eastern governmental Division, and also later sailors referred to as it "The Levant" which supposed "the rising" or "to rise" referring to just how the land increased up the end on the horizon that the sea.

In the ancient world, Asia Minor was the seat of the kingdoms and also cities of:

Famous web page & People

The achievements and advancements of the civilization of Asia minor are vast and comprise a catalogue of some of the most famous people, places, and also events in old history. According to the historian Philo of byzantine (writing in 225 BCE) and later writers, Asia Minor to be the site of 2 of the seven Wonders that the ancient World: The temple of Artemis in ~ Ephesus (in the an ar of Ionia) and also the dig of Mauslos in ~ Halicarnassus (also recognized as The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, in Caria). In the city the Miletus, in Ionia, the an initial western thinker Thales, and also his pendant Anaximander and also Anaximenes, seek the an initial Cause of existence, the matter which gave birth to all things, and also initiated clinical inquiry and method. Herodotus, the "Father the History" to be born at Halicarnassus. The an excellent philosopher and also mathematician Pythagoras to be born top top the island that Samos and Heraclitus, an additional important number of Greek philosophy, at Ephesus, whereby he lived and wrote. Cilicia had the city of Tarsus where the Apostle Paul to be born, a region known because that its specialization in tent making, which to be Paul"s vocation.

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Between 1250 and also 1200 BCE the Sea Peoples attacked from the south, making attacks into Greece, harassing Egypt, and finally steering the Hittites indigenous the an ar of Assuwa. The Sea peoples did not remain to colonize the area, but (at the very least not to any kind of important degree) and eventually moved on to settle, in part, come the south in Canaan. Greek colonists, mainly from Athens and surrounding Attica, worked out the shore of Asia Minor native the Mediterranean approximately the black color Sea. It to be these Ionian nests which, supported and also funded through Athens and Eretria, rose in revolt as soon as the area come under Persian control, provoking the wrath that the Persian king Darius I and the first invasion of greek in 490 BCE which to be repelled in ~ the fight of Marathon.