Answer:It's dubbed the productStep-by-step explanation:When multiplaying numbers, her answer is referred to as the product of the multiplication problem.">" data-test="answer-box-list">

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It"s referred to as the product

Step-by-step explanation:

When multiplaying numbers, your answer is dubbed the product of that multiplication problem.

Trent is top top his school's swimming team. Throughout his 2-week winter break, the swims 30 laps every week to stay in shape. If every lap is 25 yards, how countless fee…t does that swim throughout his winter break?
ABA, B, with, \overleftrightarrow, on top is parallel to \overleftrightarrowDEDED, E, with, \overleftrightarrow, ~ above top.Alicia i found it that: …\angle \maroonDw \cong \angle \blueEx∠w≅∠xangle, start color #ca337c, w, end shade #ca337c, \cong, angle, start color #0c7f99, x, end color #0c7f99\angle \goldEy \cong \angle \blueEx∠y≅∠xangle, start shade #a75a05, y, end color #a75a05, \cong, angle, start color #0c7f99, x, end shade #0c7f99Note: Alicia supplied the complying with theorems:When a transversal the cross parallel lines, alternating interior angles space congruent.Vertical angles room congruent.What theorem have the right to Alicia prove making use of these congruent angles?Choose 1 answer:Choose 1 answer:(Choice A)AWhen a transversal crosses parallel lines, matching angles room congruent.(Choice B)BAngles that type a direct pair room complementary.(Choice C)CWhen a transversal the cross parallel lines, same-side internal angles space congruent.(Choice D)DWhen a transversal crosses parallel lines, alternating exterior angles are supplementary.
determine the x- and y-intercepts for the two lines below and then usage them come graph every line.a. X - 2y = 4b. 3x + 6y = 24
PYRAMIDS The surface locations of a appropriate pyramid is provided by s= 1/2PL + B, where P is the perimeter that the base, l is the slant height, and also B isthe ar…ea of the base solve for L=

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PLEASE price BRSINLEST BRAINLEST ANSWER now PLEASE DUE!Stacy likes to do aerobics 10 hours a mainly to continue to be in shape. She tracks the amount of time sh…e go aerobics each week family member to her goal.The table reflects the data for the last 5 weeks.Week 1 2 3 4 5Aerobics time (hours) 2.8 −2 1 3/4 0 −3What is the typical aerobics time every week for Stacy relative to she goal variety of hours?Drag a value to package to complete the statement.PLease define it as well if you can