Anubis is the Egyptian god that mummification and also the immortality as well together the patron god of shed souls and the helpless. He is just one of the earliest gods that Egypt, who many likely emerged from the previously (and much older) jackal god Wepwawet through whom the is regularly confused.

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Anubis" photo is checked out on royal tombs indigenous the first Dynasty of Egypt (c. 3150-2890 BCE) yet it is specific he had already developed a cult adhering to prior to this period in bespeak to it is in invoked on the tomb"s wall surfaces for protection. He is believed to have developed in response to wild dogs and also jackals digging increase newly hidden corpses in ~ some suggest in the Predynastic duration in Egypt (c. 6000-3150 BCE) together the Egyptians thought a an effective canine god was the ideal protection against wild canines.

Depiction & Associations

He is portrayed as a black color canine, a jackal-dog hybrid v pointed ears, or as a muscular male with the head of a jackal. The shade black was chosen for that symbolism, not due to the fact that Egyptian dogs or jackals were black. Black color symbolized the degeneration of the body and also the fertile soil the the Nile flow Valley which represented regeneration and life. The powerful black canine, then, to be the protector that the dead who made certain they received their due rights in burial and also stood by castle in the life after death to help their resurrection.

He was known as "First of the Westerners" before the climb of Osiris in the center Kingdom (2040-1782 BCE) which meant he was king that the dead (as "westerners" to be the Egyptian term because that departed souls in the immortality which place westward, in the direction of sunset). In this role, he was connected with eternal justice and also maintained this association later, also after the was replaced by Osiris who was then offered the honorary location "First the the Westerners".

In earlier times, Anubis was thought about the son of Ra and Hesat (associated through Hathor), but after his assimilation into the Osiris myth he was held to it is in the child of Osiris and his sister-in-law Nephthys. The is the more quickly Egyptian divine being depicted on tomb walls and invoked for defense of the dead and also is usually presented tending to the corpse that the king, presiding over mummification rituals and also funerals, or standing through Osiris, Thoth, or various other gods in ~ the Weighing of the heart of the soul in the room of fact in the afterlife.

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A popular image of Anubis is the stand or kneeling man with the jackal"s head stop the golden scales on i beg your pardon the heart of the soul was weighed against the white feather of truth. His daughter is Qebhet (also recognized as Kabechet) who brings cool water to the souls that the dead in the room of Truth and also comforts the recently deceased. Anubis" association with Nephthys (known as "Friend to the Dead") and Qebhet emphasizes his long-standing role as protector that the dead and a overview for the souls in the afterlife.