The an initial of 3 dungeon instances. You should be Level 30 to accessibility this dungeon. Every instance likewise has a side quest resulting in a special boss battle. The great news? this bosses have specialty items!

The video below is a comprehensive guide to the whole Mount Olympus experience. It contains the Guide to the copper Eagle Statues and the Pit that the Noxii wherein you defeat Gladiator Dimachaerus because that specialty items. School particular wands autumn that space no trade and also no auction. You may read about them below.

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After completing mount Olympus, girlfriend may access level 30 make gear and also moving on come Atlantea, the 2nd dungeon.


Climbing the Mountain

Athena Battle vision greets you immediately upon entering. She notifies your an initial task is come collect three Legion Tokens. Don’t worry around their size. They magically shrink come fit in her backpack.

Let Me present You The Light

The sunlight Chamber (0:39)

This chamber is defended by the radiant Apollo shining One, location 7 Life ceo 3,360 health. He is add by a legend Elite Cyclops Guard at 895 health.

Retrieve the Ophidian Archer Legion Token.

Already Beaten

The Moon chamber (2:12)

Athena explains her sister Artemis new Moon is away. The Token is guarded by a Ophidian Archer, rank 7 fatality Elite through 1,200 health and also a Crescent Moon Centaur, location 7 Moon Elite through 1,280 health.

Retrieve the Minotaur Warrior Legion Token.

Zeus’ an individual Guards

The skies Balcony (3:52)

Praetorian safety exclaims because that you come tremble in her robes! No must tremble. That is a location 7 Storm elite at 990 health. His minions room Elite Cyclops security too. Favor in the sun Chamber. Easy.

They surrender the Carthaginian Elephant Legion Token come you.

Puzzle vs. Deer Knight?

Down come The Arena (5:37)

Take the Legion Tokens to Eris gold Apple for a Puzzle.

She wishes to place you in a golden cage! clock out! usage your newly got Legion Tokens come beat her at her game.

Step 1 Carthaginian ElephantStep 2 Minotaur WarriorStep 3 Ophidian Archer

Or usage the Oran Silverhorn method (7:10)

Eris will offer you the an essential that is necessary to unlock the hall.

Fire in the Hall

Hall the the Watchful Eye (10:24)

Defeat the upstream Cyclops Guardsmen to with the create of Hephaestus. Again, location 7 legend Elite at 1,120 health.

The build (11:21)

Hephestus cannot continue without his copper Eagles that have wandered off. (How statues wander off is past me.) four statues hide around Mount Olympus. Below is a fast Guide to the copper Statues through a video Quick guide if friend prefer.


Heart of a Warrior

Hall of fight (14:39)

Now you need a evil Weapon to even the odds. Ares Savage Spear has just the weapon! He thinks our spells are puny?! HA! hit him through your ideal shot!

Ares is a rank 7 Fire Boss with 43,600 health. His minion is one Ophidian Archer, rank 7 death Elite at 1,200 health.

Take the reward and go forth to the father.

The sky Father (16:10)

Zeus welcomes you to fight with his very deep and also authoritative voice.

Zeus is a location 7 myth Boss through 4,000 health. His minion is a Minotaur Warrior, location 7 ice Elite at 1,200 health. (Don’t miss out on the finish of this battle.)

Honored in ~ last! (18:40)

Wise Silenus is kind sufficient to record your surname and provide your Honorable bronze Archon badge. Cyrus Drake phone call you to the next Quest. The is time to relocate on come Atlantea.


Craft It!

After completing mount Olympus, Khalkos Coppersmith appears outside the mount Olympus dungeon. He has actually level 30 make gear. Read much more about that in this guide.

Pit of the Noxii (19:30)


The Slaughterhouse of Olympus (20:40)

This is a side pursuit completed inside of mount Olympus. It is repeatable without completing the whole dungeon. The entails defeating Gladiator Dimachaerus, “father of war and fang and also claw.”

Pit that the Noxii is near Eris gold Apple and her game.

Prepare ahead for fight as the is a rank 13 Balance Boss with 30,000 health. His minion is a location 12 ice Elite Doomed Bones in ~ 3,800 health. Prepare to eliminate Weaknesses. He offers a specialty -75 too. Carry Cleanse Charms, shields and heals. (I expect you aren’t fear of rats.) 

You too can be a remarkable Gladiator once you complete this quest.


Specialty Zeus Wands (25:32)

Dimacharus fall the complying with school specific wands, and the various other Tartarus Tier 2 wands. Do keep in mind they are no auction too. . They every have an important increases and also incoming and outgoing health and wellness increases.

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Thank you because that joining us. Now you you prepared for mountain Olympus. Excited? will you usage the brand-new gear, wand or pet? let us know in the comments.

Happy Questing!

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