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In Greco-Roman mythology, Apollo is a deity of manifold role and meaning. He is one of the most widely revered and influential of every the ancient Greek and Roman gods.

From the moment of Homer onward, Apollo to be the god of divine distance—the god who made mortals conscious of their own guilt and also purified castle of it, who presided over religious law and also the constitutions of cities, and also who interacted with mortals his knowledge of the future and the will certainly of his father, Zeus. He was additionally a god that crops and also herds.

In timeless mythology, Apollo and his twin, Artemis, to be born ~ above the isle of Delos to Zeus and Leto.

In art, Apollo was represented as a beardless youth, either naked or robed. That was also often illustrated with one or both the his two main attributes: a bow and a lyre. The bow symbolized distance, death, terror, and awe, if the lyre an ext gently proclaimed the pleasure of communion with Olympus through music, poetry, and also dance.

Apollo had many love affairs, despite most had unfortunate endings. Daphne, in her initiative to escape him, was adjusted into a laurel, his spiritual tree; Coronis to be shot by Apollo’s twin, Artemis, as soon as she verified unfaithful; and Cassandra garbage his advances and was punished by being made to utter true prophecies that no one believed.

Apollo, byname Phoebus, in Greco-Roman mythology, a divine being of manifold function and meaning, among the many widely revered and influential of all the ancient Greek and Roman gods. Despite his initial nature is obscure, from the time of Homer onward he to be the god of divine distance, who sent out or threatened from afar; the god that made men conscious of their very own guilt and purified them of it; who presided over religious law and the constitutions the cities; and who communicated with mortals with prophets and also oracles his expertise of the future and also the will of his father, Zeus (Roman: Jupiter). Also the gods feared him, and also only his father and also his mother, Leto (Roman: Latona), can easily endure his presence. That was additionally a god the crops and also herds, mainly as a magnificent bulwark versus wild animals and also disease, together his Greek epithet Alexikakos (Averter that Evil) indicates. His forename Phoebus way “bright” or “pure,” and the view ended up being current that he was connected with the Sun. See Helios.


Orestes being purified by Apollo after ~ his acquittal through the court the the Areopagus, information of a 5th-century-bce Greek vase; in the Louvre

Though Apollo to be the many Hellenic of all gods, he derived mostly native a form of god the originated in Anatolia and spread to Egypt by way of Syria and Palestine. Traditionally, Apollo and his twin, Artemis (Roman: Diana), to be born on the isle the Delos. From there Apollo checked out Pytho (Delphi), whereby he slew Python, the dragon the guarded the area. He created his oracle by taking on the guise of a dolphin, leaping plank a Cretan ship, and forcing the crew to offer him. Thus, Pytho to be renamed Delphi after ~ the dolphin (delphis), and the Cretan cult of Apollo Delphinius superseded that previously developed there by planet (Gaea). Throughout the Archaic period (8th to sixth century bce), the call of the Delphic oracle spread out as far as Lydia in Anatolia and accomplished Panhellenic status. The god’s medium was the Pythia, a neighborhood woman end 50 year old who, under his inspiration, delivered oracles in the key temple the Apollo. The oracles were consequently interpreted and also versified by priests. Other oracles that Apollo existed on the Greek mainland, top top Delos, and in Anatolia, however none rivalled Delphi in importance.


Apollo through lyre
Roman marble statue of Apollo v lyre.

In Italy Apollo was introduced at very early date and also was mostly concerned, together in Greece, through healing and also prophecy; that was very revered by the emperor Augustus since the battle of Actium (31 bce) was battled near among his temples.


(From left) Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis, marble relief, portion of the eastern section of the Parthenon frieze, 442–438 bce; in the Acropolis Museum, Athens.

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