What is a teratogen?

A teratogen is one agent, i m sorry can cause a birth defect. The is usually something in the setting that the mother may be exposed to during her pregnancy. It could be a prescribed medication, a street drug, alcohol use, or a condition present in the mom which could increase the possibility for the infant to it is in born v a bear defect. Around 4 to 5 percent of birth defects are caused by exposure to a teratogen.

What space the most sensitive durations for teratogens in pregnancy?

Once the egg is fertilized (conception), that takes around six to nine days because that implantation (anchoring into the uterus) to occur. As soon as the fertilized egg is linked to the uterus, a usual blood it is provided exists in between the mother and the embryo. In various other words, if miscellaneous is in the mother"s blood, it can now cross end to the emerging fetus. Teratogens are thought to have actually the capability to impact the fetus around 10 to14 days after conception.

During the advance of a baby, there are particular organs developing at details times. If a teratogen has the potential to interfere with the closure the the neural tube, for example, the exposure come the teratogen must take place in the first 3.5 to 4.5 weeks of the pregnancy, because this is once the neural tube is closing. There space some organ systems that space sensitive come teratogens transparent the entire pregnancy, such as the central nervous system. The central nervous mechanism is the baby"s brain and spine. One teratogen the affects the main nervous system is alcohol. Alcohol, at any type of time during the pregnancy, has the potential to cause birth defects and health problems in the baby, since the main nervous device is perceptible to teratogens the entire nine month of gestation. This is why alcohol intake should it is in avoided in that is entirety throughout pregnancy.

There are many different teratogens that reason birth defects. Detailed in the directory below are some, because that which we have detailed a quick overview.

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