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Civilization"s Leader: Ashurbanipal

Civ Bonus: Treasures of NinevehGain a Free Tech when you conquer an enemy City. May happen only once per City and does not count when you gain control of the City through Trade.

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Unique Unit: Siege TowerRequires Mathematics, Replaces CatapultCatapults are not that popular, so replacing it with the wonderful Siege Tower is a welcome bonus to Assyria. It is a Melee unit that gets +5 combat strength over a normal Catapult (to 12) and starts with the Cover I promotion, giving +33% defense against ranged attacks, +1 Sight, and a +200% bonus vs Cities. Units within 2 hexes get a +50% attack bonus on Cities, so it can boost your Archer or Composite Bowmen"s damage when sieging a City.

Unique Building: Royal LibraryRequires Writing, Replaces LibraryThe Royal Library contains a Great Work of Writing Slot. When filled, units that are trained in the City get +10 Experience, which stacks with those +15s from the Barracks, Armory, and Military Academy. Getting this going early is not very important, but later it is very helpful to start units with three upgrades and get them closer to a fourth.

Playing Against The Assyrian AI - Their Tendencies (XML Info and Flavors)
WarmongerHatredWonderCompeteOffenseBuildDefenseBuildCityDefenseDoFFriendlyto CivsDenounceCivsWar w/CivsDeceptionLikelihoodCSCompCS War
Other Info Ashurbanipal"s Assyria is not very likely to pursue Religion, so playing against them you may find opportunity to spread Religion through his lands for a positive response. If they cannot win with Science, this Civ is likely to run rampant and attempt a Conquest Win and cover the World. If you see them begin to do this, you"d better put them in check if possible by allying with another Civ to weaken their empire.
Start Bias: Avoid Tundra
An Assyrian Siege Tower attacking a City in Brave New World

Strategies/Ideas for playing Assyria:Assyria"s Unique Unit and Civ Bonus both direct them toward Warmongering. It"s quite OK for you to have a technological disadvantage, so long as your military is strong and backed by their powerful Siege Towers. Having a disadvantage, even slight, lets you take advantage of their Unique Bonus and get a free, random tech from your conquests. Their Royal Library does not have to be stocked with your own Great Writers" works, but can be filled with the writing of other Nations if you so choose. Still, it"s better to get the Writer"s Guild well before the mid-game for the cultural and experience boosts you"ll get. Great Works of Writing should automatically go to your Royal Libraries, but do check the Culture screen to make sure they are in the Cities that have the best production bonuses, as more units will be trained there, thus more benefit.

The Siege Tower is absolutely devastating in the early game, thus making Mathematics a Tech you"ll want to beeline just after your Luxuries are workable. Even one of these units attacking an early City can be crippling to the target Civ. Nearby units will receive the +50% combat bonus from the screenshot above, which will increase the damage they inflict upon their target City. It"s entirely possible that with good maneuvering you can steamroll a City in only one to two turns. With a Barracks, the Siege Tower can come out with Cover II, which will protect it even further. The open/rough terrain bonuses hardly matter for this unit, but any upgrades should be directed toward one of those paths in case your units survive to one day get upgraded to Artillery. If you plan to wage another war before Muskets come out, you should probably go for a couple extra Siege Towers so you can get them on the field before Trebuchets replace them. I would not bother upgrading a siege tower unless going all the way to Cannon, because of the benefit to nearby units.

Perhaps more difficult than waging war with Assyria is deciding when to stop. If you"re playing Continents, then you will probably want to take over your entire continent if no one else has been met. No one will be around to know of your misdeeds, thus avoiding the Warmonger penalties that stack up exponentially as you conquer more Cities. I don"t bother with conquering City-States however, their bonuses are too helpful, particularly when you"re the only one around to receive them and have incentive to hunt Barbarians to sharpen your army. Puppet newly acquired Cities to limit the Unhappiness that accumulates, and pace yourself so that you don"t go beyond -8 Unhappiness or so, to avoid revolts that can distract you from your battles in foreign lands.

I recommend a Liberty to Honor transition with Assyria. You want to get to expand quickly, so go directly for the free Settler from Liberty, then transition to the right side of Honor for the combat bonus and happiness/culture for garrisoned Cities, along with reduced upgrade costs for Military units. Later, you can finish off Liberty to get the Tile Improvement upgrade speed and free golden age/great person, to help you with improving your inevitably wide empire. The reduction to unhappiness from connected Cities, along with the +1 for having a unit stationed in the City will help immensely with dealing with Unhappiness. Autocracy is not a bad Ideology choice for them, as Prora will boost your Happiness, and it is very focused on Domination Wins. Total War is also immensely helpful by giving starting units more XP, and giving you higher production toward those units.

Another issue you"ll face is a lack of income, so get Markets and perhaps a couple Cities dedicated to gold production, as early as you possibly can without ruining your war plans. Honor"s finisher will help support your upgrades, but you need plenty of GPT to support a large military. Get some Sea Trade routes going with other Civs or City-States and protect them from Barbarians by destroying any coastal encampments along their route. Later in the game, keep a strong military presence to deter war and make it so that you are the one deciding when combat begins. You should absolutely go for a Domination victory, focusing on those Civs that have higher tech. If you take the Capital of a Civ and leave them crippled, get a Peace Treaty, improve your Cities, then focus on the Civ with the highest technology to prevent them from outpacing you. Late-game, war is the same, but you"ll still benefit from Treasures of Nineveh. If you want to finish with Domination, then be sure to capture or acquire cities in treaty deals that will make good staging grounds for future air strikes - for example, one near the border of another Civ, so that you can crush their capital and secure your victory.

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Civilization Bonuses, Unique Units, Strategies and Openings
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