The Atlas of the Ancients was a plot that began on the 1sixth of October, 2009 (Year 11) and also lasted till the 25th of November. It offered as the introduction to the land of Moltara, and also was the first plot to include a Neocash Challenge facet.

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The tale started in Shenkuu, via a pair of youngsters discussion rumours of fire-breapoint monsters lurking in the hills after dark. The Wise Gnorbu from the Lunar Temple overheard their conversation and, combined via a local flower, he seemed to remember something. He shortly returned to the Lunar Temple, and also instructed his biggest pupil, Clara Chatham, to discover a book that might prove useful in jogging his memory. The book revealed details about coming organic calamities, and also a solution to them. The Wise Gnorbu soon sent for the renowned adventurer, Roxton A. Colchester III, dispatching him to locate a number of artefacts detailed in the book. Together with Clara and also Roxton"s assistant, Jordie, Roxton collection off to Altador in order to begin fixing the mystery.

They rented a flying watercraft from a local Shenkuu seller, yet soon ran right into storms and were forced to hide in a cave till they passed. Tbelow, they discovered ancient cave illustrations showing the fire breapoint creatures. The complying with morning the team arrived in Altador, and conserved a fisherman from drowning in abtypically heavy waves. The team complied with the ideas in the book to the Hevery one of Heroes, wright here Roxton situated an old pocket watch hidden behind the statues of the Council.


The trio then made their method to Faerieland, however while trying out the city Jordie was struck by lightning. Roxton automatically rumelted him to the Healing Springs, and also there Roxton followed an additional clue to situate one of the pumps for the spring. With a little aid from Clara, he had the ability to distract the Healing Springs Faerie for long sufficient to steal the pump.

The 3 escaped Faerieland also and also collection course for Terror Mountain. As they rested, Clara uncovered that the pump they had actually stolen was actually a very complicated clockwork device of unwell-known origin. Before they can figure out more yet, the boat was assaulted by a fleet of pirate Cloud Raiders, and also Roxton had actually to usage all his skills to effectively pilot them to Terror Mountain.

On Terror Mountain, they discovered that the normally irreversible ice was beginning to melt, and typically rare Moltenores were showing up. They trekked via the Ice Caves, and also located a brass horn buried in the ice. They respanned the horn, and also narrowly avoided the succeeding avalanche, prior to heading earlier to their vessel. Tbelow, Roxton had the ability to cross recommendation all of the areas they had checked out to create an X, pointing towards their next location. They made their means towards the deserted island also chain near Altador, wright here they found a volcano - as explained in the book.

*insert gag around women and map reading* Finished? Good, on we go...

Exploring the island, they discovered a big door in the mountainside, and the crucial to it located in the bushes surrounding. The trio gotten in the hill, to uncover that a large mining shaft disappeared deep right into the earth. They parachuted dvery own the shaft, and also when they reached the bottom they discovered the long lost city of Moltara. They quickly came across a neighborhood, Cog, who confirmed them to the Mayor of the city.


The Mayor informed the travelling team that Moltara was established centuries back by a group of researchers and also mystics that travelbrought about the planet"s core in order to put an end to horrible natural catastrophes emerging on the surface. Together they produced a device to stabilise the planet"s core and end the catastrophes, and also then chosen to remain adjacent to keep watch over it. With time, the machine had worn dvery own, and also the disasters had started to return. The materials the book had instructed them to gather turned out to jointly be an equipment to restore the core to working order. However before, as soon as Cog attempted to use it, the core erupted. The Mayor instructed Roxton and also Cog to travel additionally right into the magma caves, wbelow a group of outcast Moltarans lived that could be able to assist manage the lava.

In the Moltaran Caves, they situated Igneot and also his followers, mystics that had actually come to be so attuned through magma that their bodies had changed appearance. Igneot agreed to assist, and in addition to the inhabitants of Moltara City, they were able to stabilise the core long enough for Cog to use the repairing device aget. With the core repaired, the Moltarans determined it was time to open up their city to the remainder of Neopia. Roxton, Clara, and Jordie returned to the surface to tell the Wise Gnorbu of their adendeavors.



Users participated in the plot by completing several easy suggest and also click steps, and achieving certain scores in specially made flash games. Unprefer previous plots, no certain plot points were given. However, those that completed steps on the very same Neopets day as it was released obtained greater rewards.

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There was likewise the choice to take component in the NC Challenge; by completing several basic additional plot procedures, they would be rewarded with bonus NC items.


Numerous awards were handed out for those that participated:


After the plot, prizes were released based upon participation, awarded by visiting the primary Atlas of the Ancients hub web page. Tbelow were 4 tiers of prizes, for those that completed all steps on the day of release, those that completed all steps by the finish of the plot, those that completed all steps bar the neighborhood effort, and also those that just partly completed the plot. The prizes were: