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Behold a piece of rich background and wonder through this intricately thorough Gold Aztec Calendar Pendant. The Aztec calendar has the sun God in the facility surrounded by fancy symbols to calculation days, seasons, and also year. This well-crafted pendant has an exceptional amount the detail and also design to replicate the original sun calendar stone, and also a diamond reduced accent will certain to have this pendant glitter and shine. The brilliant Aztec Calendar pendant is a unisex item that honors the great history and society of ancient Mexico.

Available in 3 Sizes:SmallWeight: 4.30 grams (10k) / 5.0 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.0 inchHeight: 1.35 inches

MediumWeight: 6.10 grams (10k) / 7.20 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.20 inchesHeight: 1.65 inches

LargeWeight: 10.9 grams (10k) / 12.8 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.60 inchesHeight: 2.0 inches

Gold Aztec Mayan sun Calendar Pendant

Handcrafted in 10k and also 14k heavy gold.

Available in yellow, rose, and also white gold.

Shiny diamond cut that shine indigenous every angle.

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Accommodates chains as much as 3.5mm a very versatile size that deserve to fit most of your chains.

Allergy-free - our yellow and rose yellow don"t have actually nickel in them, white gold consists of minimal amounts)