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Child ago to the Future ShoesOfficially Licensed!As viewed in back to the Future component IIHi-top shoe format with textured soleAdjustable Hook and Loop fastener strap roughly the peak ankleShoes irradiate up top top one side like in the movieShoes conveniently charge with contained USB cableBattery life lasts approximately 300 full cycles (NOTE: the battery can"t it is in replaced)PLEASE NOTE: Shoes run narrow, in-sole length and width provided in dimension chartPLEASE NOTE: shoes received may or may not have stripes ~ above the side (as pictured) due to manufacturing changes

What"s one means to make certain that you have the coolest kicks in school? Just acquire Marty McFly"s futuristic feeling of style! ago to the Future shoes just may do you the most renowned kid in ~ school!

These officially licensed pair of shoes recreate the revolutionary self-tying sneakers that the earlier to the Future movies made famous. Just fasten the flexible Hook and Loop fastener strap around your ankle and also charge the LED lights through the contained power cord and get prepared to head out on your own adventure.

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Size 11Length (in sole)6 1/2"17cm
Size 11Width (in sole)2 1/2"6cm
Size 11Boot Height5 3/4"15cm
Size 12Length (in sole)6 3/4"17cm
Size 12Width (in sole)2 1/2"6cm
Size 12Boot Height5 3/4"15cm
Size 13Length (in sole)7"18cm
Size 13Width (in sole)2 3/4"7cm
Size 13Boot Height5 3/4"15cm
Size 1Length (in sole)7 1/4"18cm
Size 1Width (in sole)2 3/4"7cm
Size 1Boot Height5 3/4"15cm
Size 2Length (in sole)7 1/2"19cm
Size 2Width (in sole)2 3/4"7cm
Size 2Boot Height6"15cm
Size 3Length (in sole)8"20cm
Size 3Width (in sole)2 3/4"7cm
Size 3Boot Height6"15cm
Size 4Length (in sole)8 1/4"21cm
Size 4Width (in sole)2 3/4"7cm
Size 4Boot Height6 1/4"16cm