I am seeing an episode of a brothers sitcom, The slim Blue Line, whereby an officer makes a remark

Just when in a while, I\"d like to nick someone whose balls have actually dropped!

What walk this sentence median exactly? I know that this is an attack remark, however please excuse me because that that.



It means someone who has started puberty. In her context, they\"d prefer to arrest someone who isn\"t a son - they\"d choose to arrest one adult or teenager.

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People frequently use the phrase a guy’s balls fall to suggest he has started puberty. What this method is the a his scrotum, the wrinkly sack just behind the prick which stop his testicles, start to hang a little bit lower, away from his body. Technically a boy’s testicles should have dropped during infancy, castle literally descend right into the scrotum; if this doesn’t take place by the time he is five he will need to have one operation. However, the term – balls-dropped has constantly been misused to median a lad has actually started to create sperm during puberty.


I want to include to the existing top answer, to comparison it v a different but comparable expression \"the ball has actually been dropped\". I\"m adding this here since someone else might come throughout your answer as soon as it is this other expression that they are encountering.

This originates from the metaphor of juggling balls. Which way something completely different and is not even vulgar together is even component of agree corporate office-speak. It method that something that needed constant attention/maintenance to be neglected and also it is ruined.

The an essential to distinguishing between the paragraph is \"ball\" versus \"ball s\". In the plural it almost always way testicles (and is crude) in the singular it refers to this various other phrase. A notable exemption being \"Having lot of balls in the air\" it a counterpart to this expression (ie \"the ball has been dropped\", in this can an interpretation that there space multiple things and also none of them have been yet \"dropped\") and also not testicles.

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Once again, this is a similar expression yet DIFFERENT indigenous the one you have asked about.