londonchinatown.orgaseOn 2 Nov 1943, Japanese troops occupied the undefended city of Changde in northern Hunan District. On 18 Nov, the Chinese 57th Division properly attacked and reacquired the city. The Japanese 11th Military under the command also of Isamu Yokoyama retaliated immediately, attacking with a solid pressure persistently yet faibrought about re-take the city. Both sides involved about 100,000 males in this battle, and both sides experienced a high casualty price of around 40-50%.

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londonchinatown.orgaseAmidst the stalemate in the time of the battle, the Japanese deployed biological and also chemical weapons. Artillery pieces released shells containing either mustard gas or lewisite right into the city, inflicting major casualties on both Chinese military personnel and civilians. Furthermore, the Japanese systems existing were also accused of spreading bubonic afflict in and also close to Changde.

londonchinatown.orgaseSource: Wikipedia.

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Battle of Changde Timeline

2 Nov 1943 Japanese troops populated the unprotected Chinese city of Changde.
18 Nov 1943 Chinese 57th Division assaulted and also recaptured the city of Changde.


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