I hope you love teaching the Beatitudes as lot as do. This Beatitude Fill-In worksheet functions really well for fourth and 5th graders when used as part of my Beatitude lesson. I emphasize that the Beatitudes deserve to really be thought of together the”BE”attitudes. They space internal perspectives that assist us live as Jesus intends united state to live. By adhering to them, we will BE our finest selves.

Teach this worksheet together a entirety group exercise. Usage the table listed below the worksheet to overview the college student in the discussion on what the Beatitudes room all about. Don’t forget to print the answer key. And if you would prefer a Beatitude poster for her classroom come facilitate discussion, i have totally free ones in various sizes.

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Free Printable Beatitude fill in Worksheet


Use this worksheet as a entirety group activity. The guide below will aid you give an overview.

Use Beatitude Examples and Shorthand once teaching

Students need help understanding their confusing wording. After ns pass that worksheet out, i talk around each Beatitude verbally using the examples detailed in the table listed below in the second column . As I execute that I write on the create board a shorthand means to refer to the Beatitude. Then the students can pick something I’ve written on the whiteboard to finish the declare “BE ____________________” top top the worksheet.

Poor in SpiritAcknowledge God is much higher and an ext powerful 보다 usOur possessions space not important contrasted to GodBE north (poor) that power because true power comes from GodBE embracing of the need for God
MournfulFeeling sad once seeing and also experiencing evil in the worldExperience deep grief over sinBE a comforter, it is in caringBE sorry for your sins
MeekHave humility, be quietGive others credit,Knowing we are not so high and also mighty that we cannot aid the poorBE humbleBE gentleBE calm
Hunger and Thirst because that RighteousnessDesire for the human being to be fair (get upset at unfair play in sports)Help get rid of injusticeDo the right thing also when hardBE ready to always the best thingBE fair
MercifulTruly forgive someoneShow compassion to those in needBE forgivingBE compassionate
Clean that HeartDo not think around bad thingsHave pure thoughtsBe good on the insideBE full of great thoughtsBE full of love
PeacemakersDecide to gain alongLet walk of a grudgeBE peacefulBE a healer/reconciler
Persecuted for the benefits of RighteousnessGet mocked for standing up for what you think in.Tell others about Jesus even though lock laugh at youBE active when you check out unfairness

Feel cost-free to publish the worksheet and a teacher’s handy referral answer paper which includes all the table information.

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Print this teacher’s guide to use a reference for explaining what the Beatitudes space all about.