Women room not by chance dubbed the weaker sex. Regularly we suffer due to the fact that in conflict situations we can not fight earlier physically stronger men. However, periodically we manage to take it our own and also take revenge ~ above the elect, who somehow dared to violation us. For your sins, part male criminal sometimes have to pay the most an useful ones: in the warm of the minute the second fifty percent can deprive not just sleep and rest, but likewise the key sign of masculinity - the genital organ. In this material londonchinatown.org.ru tells you about women who have actually castrated their own boyfriends and also husbands, and most importantly - why.

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A couple of days ago, the media in Russia and Kazakhstan spread out a shocking story. 36-year-old resident of Astana, Zhanna Nurzhanova, eliminated both testicles to she boyfriend, whose name was not named for factors of confidentiality. To such an act, a londonchinatown.org increasing two children, driven jealousy. As soon as Jeanne got access to the elect\"s phone, she might not resist and also read his correspondence through her sister. The turned the end that her suitor was fascinated by an additional girl. The treason of a loved one Jeanne could not forgive and cruelly avenged him. As found out londonchinatown.org.ruSuch cases are not so rare.

At the finish of January, a resident of Astana, Zhanna Nurzhanova, came to be the main heroine of criminal reports in her native Kazakhstan. That\"s due to the fact that 36-year-old londonchinatown.org brutally treated her boyfriend. Yet it every started quite innocently ...

Taking this opportunity, Jeanne started to examine the materials of her boyfriend\"s smartphone. Naturally, she can not resist and also read his correspondence with family and also friends. Specifically interesting Nurzhanova seemed interaction boyfriend v her sister, from whom the londonchinatown.org learned around the infidelity of her beloved. The male openly admired a girl named Karina and shared she photos with a relative.

Nurzhanova went berserk once she realized the the chosen one had actually betrayed her. However, she did not start loud scandals and for part time pretended that whatever was as it remained in their relationship. In fact, Jeanne boring a arrangement for revenge.

In among the January evenings, a residents of Kazakhstan readily available her boyfriend a interlocutor experiment in bed - she bound his hands and feet through scarves and also forced her to drink a resting pill. When a man lost consciousness, his passion began an procedure to remove the testicles, pre-anesthetize the area that ​​their surgical operations. During the procedure, she made several unnecessary cuts, together a an outcome of which her boyfriend began to bleed heavily. Jeanne was unable to avoid the blood with the assist of easily accessible tools and also was compelled to take it the victim come the hospital. In a clinical facility a londonchinatown.org to be detained by legislation enforcement officers. Currently under investigation, after i m sorry it will be known about the punishment.

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Fee for treason

In January 2015, a comparable situation developed in China. Fen Lun, who at that time was 21 because that a year, once and also for all, her spouse fan Luna taught she to forever cheat. The jealousy person regulated the impossible - double to deprive a when beloved human being of a reproductive organ.

The bloody incident provoked pan himself. The male used his wife\"s phone come send a letter through ardent confessions come his mistress, but forgot to log the end of his email account. Fen Lun discovered the correspondence of the faithful and, without reasoning twice, armed herself through sharp scissors. Distraught indigenous jealousy, the girl damaged into the bedroom, where at that time her chosen one rested, and also deprived the of manhood.

The Chinese were taken to the hospital, where physicians still controlled to sew him a penis. However, Fen Lun go not meet this result: she chose that her husband need to suffer until the end of his days. Climate the girl gone into his house and also for the 2nd time reduced off his penis. But this time she threw the body organ out the home window ... After that, Fen tried come escape native the crime scene. Yet she might not get away so easily: the bleeding spouse caught up through her and severely beat her.

The finish of this story is an extremely sad: after ~ a prolonged search for the police, it to be not feasible to discover a severed sexual organ. The guards involved the conclusion the he might have to be dragged turn off by some animal. Interestingly, pan Luna\"s mistress did not abandon that in a an overwhelming situation and also calmly reaction to the incident. Like, he is her and so happy.

While you were Sleeping

In the year 1993, maybe the most famed story the castration occurred in the USA. American Lorena Bobbit reduced off the prick of she husband John, when he was sleeping. The londonchinatown.org made decision to commit a crime after her pious human reported to it is in drunk and raped her. Then, in a state the passion, Lorena visited the kitchen and grabbed a spicy knife for cutting meat, i m sorry in a moment reduced off a member of john who had drunk from it every the juice.

After that, the londonchinatown.org ran away from home, taking through her the sexual organ, or fairly what was left that it. Upon getting to a remote area, Lorena threw away the dignity of her husband and also called the rescue service. Fortunately, the prick was easily discovered and also returned to its rightful owner. Together a an outcome of a facility operation that lasted nine and a fifty percent hours, the surgeons regulated to sew top top the organ and restore all its functions. Prison punishment Lorena managed to avoid, due to the fact that in court she was asserted insane. The londonchinatown.org asserted that her husband morally suppressed her throughout all the year of marriage, frequently raped her and also forced she to have an abortion. In 1995, Bobbitt ceased to be husband and also wife.

Currently, Lorena leader a completely non-public lifestyle. Yet John managed to declare himself. After the penis was sewn come him, he appeared in numerous adult films and also generally enjoyed good success with women. Follow to the man, that is not at every angry about his ex-wife and also is also grateful to her in part way.

\"He deserved it.\"

In July, 2011, the life of one American, whose genuine name is not referred to as for factors of confidentiality, was split into before and also after. The man\"s wife, Catherine Becker, might not accept the truth that the filed for divorce, and decided to take it revenge. The londonchinatown.org didn’t favor the fact that the faithful began dating an additional one.

After among the quarrels, Kathryn tied she husband come the bed, after ~ generously pump some resting pills. When he was unconscious, Becker reduced off his penis. When the male woke up, the American pointedly threw the \"prey\" in the trash, shouting three times: \"You worthy it in full.\"

The police did not neglect this case, and Catherine Becker was ultimately arrested. In 2013, she was sentenced to life imprisonment, but the crippled man seemed insufficient.

Hammer and also sickle

It is thought that the occupants of India space modest and docile girls. However, in the tho waters, as you know, everything is found. So, at the start of 2017, the 20-year-old Indian londonchinatown.org deprived her 23-year-old friend of the penis.

The grounds to be valid: the young male promised to marry, however in the finish he deceived. The parents of the long-suffering young forbade him to combine his life v a one-of-a-kind from a negative family, and he had to take it his native back. Because that the girl, this news to be a blow, and also she determined to act follow to the principle “don\"t you acquire to anyone.”

So that her lover could not sleep with other women, she chopped turn off his sexual organ with a sickle. An Indian committed a crime appropriate at home, whereby she invited her chosen one on the pretext that she would certainly arrange one more unforgettable night at critical ...

A young man was brought to the hospital by his mother and also father. Apparently, he yes, really loved the girl: the boy swore come the police that he had actually deprived himself of the reproductive organ. Through the way, surgeons did not manage to regain the penis.


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\"I\"m end it\"

It is curious the such situations occur not only abroad, but likewise in ours country. So, in the fall of 2017, in a small town that Zelenodolsk, located in the Republic that Tatarstan, 47-year-old londonchinatown.org faced her ex-husband, cutting off his penis. Moreover, she went to the crime not because of jealousy or his adultery, together is regularly the case.

The malefactor deprived the man of the reproductive organ after he tried to rape her. A londonchinatown.org confessed come the police the she repeatedly came to be a victim of sex-related harassment by the former. The instance only worsened when he drank. The Russian londonchinatown.org is worn down of living in fear, and that\"s why she acted for this reason coolly v him. According to media reports, currently she can face up to ten years in jail for purposely causing harm to she health.

Korean horror story

In September last year, countless of the world\"s media flew about frightening news: 50-year-old resides of south Korea cut off she sexual organ to her 54-year-old spouse and also flushed it down the toilet. For plenty of neighbors and also spouses\" friends, this information was a actual shock, since Mr. And Mrs. Kim seemed choose an extremely harmonious couple.

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It turned the end that during the year of marriage, the mam has collected a the majority of complaints about her husband. The londonchinatown.org to be furious that he paid her too tiny attention. Rather of leading the faithful top top dates, Mr. Kim devoted all his complimentary time come his main hobby - golf. However, because that the sake of her own salvation, the oriental londonchinatown.org said the police that her husband had actually offended her and even elevated her hand come her. Even if it is Mrs. Kim managed to to escape punishment for a crime, we have the right to only guess. There to be no more news about the previous spouses.