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If you someone that suffers indigenous chronic neck pain, it deserve to be daunting to acquire a an excellent night’s sleep. And while a really great mattress can do a lot of to minimize some amount of pain, it’s not the only variable affecting your high quality of sleep. No surprisingly, the kind of pillow girlfriend use has actually a major impact—and scoring among the ideal pillows for neck pain have the right to really make a distinction in exactly how you feel as soon as you wake up up in the morning.

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur Neck Pillow has a wavy form that complies with the herbal curve of her head and ... <+> neck.


A an excellent pillow the isn’t too old, lumpy or flat and also offers sufficient support for your neck and back, prefer a cervical pillow, can indeed ease chronic pain. However some are far better suited because that the project than others. Of course, there are a many of alternatives out there. So we combed through tons of digital reviews and spoke through Nicole Nagle, DPT, one assistant professor in the department of kinesiology and health in ~ Rutgers University, to find the ideal pillows for neck pain. All of the 12 alternatives on this list sell both comfort and also support and also will hopefully protect against all her aches and pains in the future.


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Best Pillow because that Neck ache Overall

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow


Tempur-Neck Pillow


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Material: Tempur foam Firmness: Firm User Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Tempur-Pedic is a huge name in the sleep world, and also with an excellent reason: The company knows just how to do a top quality product. This ergonomic pillow has a wavy shape to monitor the organic curve of your head and also neck. The pillow’s Tempur material never loser it shapes and is designed to aid relieve pressure and also support girlfriend while friend sleep.

What the reviews Say: It likewise gets rave reviews online, with one reviewer noting that, “the contour really supports mine neck with the night.” castle added, that “the just thing the keeps mine neck supported and keeps neck ache away.”

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Best storage Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

Epabo Contour memory Foam Pillow


Epabo Contour memory Foam Pillow

BUY indigenous AMAZON

Material: Memory foam Firmness: Firm User Rating: 4.2 the end of 5 stars

A pillow the contours to her body—especially the neck area—can do a world of distinction for anyone v chronic pain. This memory foam pillow indigenous Epabo attributes a strategy ergonomic style to help support and also cradle her head, neck and shoulders, allowing you to drift off into uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

What the reviews Say: online reviewers space pretty impressed, through words like “perfect” and also “wonderful” being thrown approximately a lot. “This pillow is DREAM for anyone who has actually chronic neck pain, likes to sleep top top one conquer side or tends to upper and lower reversal from side to side with the night,” one wrote. “I love the curve developed in because that the neck and both sides keep the support no matter just how contorted my body gets throughout the night.”

Best Cervical Pillow because that Neck Pain

Misiki memory Foam Pillow


Misiki memory Foam Pillow

BUY indigenous AMAZON

Material: Memory foam, staple rayon, polyester fiber Firmness: Firm User Rating: 4.2 the end of 5 stars

Prefer a more traditional cervical pillow come tackle your neck pain? The Misiki memory foam pillow has actually you covered. This cervical pillow has a butterfly-shaped edge to perfectly support your neck while girlfriend sleep, when aligning your head v the remainder of your body and also spine. Distinct armrests ~ above the side help administer a comfortable spot for her arms come rest.

What the evaluate Say: One five-star reviewer raved about the difference this pillow make in your neck pain. “This pillow actually offers neck support,” castle wrote. “One good night’s painless sleep made that worthwhile. 2 weeks cost-free of neck pains made the a necessity.”

Best Neck pains Pillow because that Side Sleepers

Eli & Elm next Sleeper Pillow


Eli & Elm side Sleeper Pillow

BUY indigenous AMAZON

Material: Latex, polyester Firmness: Plush (and adjustable) User Rating: 4.2 the end of 5 stars

Specially designed for side sleepers, Eli & Elm’s side sleeper pillow has a distinctive U-shape to support your neck and also promote spinal alignment. The pillow is adjustable, so you can find the level the firmness and fill that works finest for you. It’s additionally anti-microbial, mildew-proof and also dust mite-resistant, if allergies room a concern.

What the evaluate Say: One neck pain sufferer who gave the pillow a five-star review said the the Eli & Elm pillow to be the clear winner after trial and error out numerous options. “It is very soft and comfy, yet really supportive because that my neck as well. I love the means the curve wraps around my neck and back. It"s favor sleeping top top a soft, donate cloud,” castle wrote. “The only trouble I"ve found with this pillow is that it"s for this reason comfortable that I have actually a difficult time obtaining out of bed in the morning!”

Best Cooling Pillow for Neck Pain

The purple Pillow


The violet Pillow

buy FROM purple

Material: Polyurethane foam, polyester Firmness: Soft User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Made native hyper-elastic polymers i ordered it in a smart-comfort grid, The violet Pillow is specifically designed because that head and neck support. A temperature-neutral gelatin grid permits for passive air flow while a moisture-wicking breeze mesh covering keeps girlfriend cool while friend sleep. Thanks to its futuristic fill material, it never ever loses the shape and also delivers constant comfort and relief come the neck. And flexible height boosters permit you come tailor it come your precise need.

What the evaluate Say: “I"ve slept through it for a few nights now and there"s been a civilization of difference already,” states one reviewer that suffers from neck pain. “No much more waking up v a sweaty neck. No an ext waking up through tingling fingers. No more tossing and also turning.”

Best budget Pillow because that Neck Pain

Core assets D-Core Cervical support Pillow


Core commodities D-Core Cervical support Pillow


Material: Cotton, polyester Firmness: Extra for sure User Rating: 4.1 the end of 5 stars

Don’t allow the short price stupid you—this pillow has plenty of attributes that do it good for neck pain. That is D-shaped facility helps cradle your head while its cervical roll aligns her neck while girlfriend sleep. It additionally has a firm feeling for next-level support.

What the reviews Say: One Amazon reviewer states they found a comfortable sleep place with this pillow “almost immediately.” “I never would have thought about a pillow with a feet in it...but if you have neck issues, this pillow is OUTSTANDING,” another wrote. “I supplied to constantly transition around, never was may be to get comfortable, constantly woke up with a neck ache and sometimes a headache. I got this pillow and I sleep so much better.”

Best Pillow for Neck Pain for Stomach Sleepers

Belly Sleep memory Foam Pillow


Belly Sleep memory Foam Pillow


Material: Bamboo, polyester Firmness: Firm User Rating: 4.4 the end of 5 stars

While stomach sleeping isn’t recommended when you have actually neck pain, you have the right to only execute so lot to adjust your go-to position. The belly Sleep memory Foam Pillow deserve to help. This pillow is thin and flat, making it perfect because that those who prefer to snooze on your stomach, and it has actually curved edge to alleviate head rotation. It’s additionally infused through cooling gelatin to keep you comfortable while girlfriend sleep and also it’s encased in a bamboo-polyester cover it is odor resistant.

What the evaluate Say: One online five-star reviewer says it’s make a vast difference in your neck pain. “This pillow has actually absolutely removed my neck pains which neither chiropractic adjustments nor massages might do because that me,” castle wrote. “I am past thrilled. I will be buying more. This pillow will certainly go through me as soon as I take trip as well.”

Best firm Pillow for Neck Pain

Nest Bedding basic Breather Pillow

colony Bedding

Nest Bedding basic Breather Pillow

purchase FROM nest BEDDING

Material: Shredded storage foam and polyester fiber Firmness: Firm (and adjustable) User Rating: 4 the end of 5 stars

Nest Bedding’s easy Breather pillow is fully adjustable, so you can find the level the firmness that’s right for you. A pretty perk: It comes overstuffed so, if her pillow choices lean heavily on the next of extra-firm, you need to be good to go ideal out of the box. The pillow supplies up firm however soft assistance to mimic the feeling of a under pillow, while tho cradling her neck while girlfriend sleep.There’s also a contoured version that’s made particularly for side sleepers.

What the reviews Say: Several reviewers say the pillow has actually helped your neck pain. One raves the it’s “supportive and comfortable in every sleep positions. I move roughly a lot in the night and also I never really need to readjust the pillow. It remains cool too!”

Best necessary Pillow for Neck Pain

Beans72 organic Buckwheat Pillow


Beans72 essential Buckwheat Pillow


Material: Organic buckwheat hulls, unbleached cotton Firmness: Soft User Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Looking for something environmentally friendly? This pillow from Beans72 is make from necessary materials, consisting of unbleached cotton and also buckwheat hulls. Plus, the customizable, definition you can readjust it by including or remove the filling. The buckwheat hull filling is a little different 보다 the feel you’d gain with a memory foam or down pillow—some civilization liken the to sleeping on a beanbag.

What the evaluate Say: Overall, reviewers are pretty impressed, note the pillow’s capacity to assistance their head and neck. “Using this pillow, I never ever wake with a sick neck or shoulders. I bought one for my father and the pillow alleviated neck pain he has had actually for years,” one wrote.

Best Unconventional Pillow for Neck Pain

Mediflow Water Pillow


Mediflow Water Pillow


Material: Polyester Firmness: Adjustable User Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

A pillow filled through water may seem a small unconventional, yet that just could be what your neck needs. One independent examine from researcher at Johns Hopkins university has also proven the effectiveness of water pillows for reducing pains in the morning. Mediflow’s water pillow is totally adjustable—just include or take the end water as needed.

What the evaluate Say: With just under 7,000 reviews, it comes extremely recommended by Amazon customers because that its capacity to relieve neck ache in any sleep position. “This is by much the best pillow anyone could want,” one reviewer wrote. “The pillow supports my neck no matter exactly how I sleep top top it, and yet it is soft and comfortable. Finest of all, i wake increase pain free.”

Best adjustable Pillow because that Neck Pain

Coop Home products Eden flexible Pillow


Coop Home goods Eden flexible Pillow


Material: Memory foam, bamboo-derived viscose rayon, polyester Firmness: Plush (and adjustable) User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Made to stop the dreaded “pillow pinch”—when a pillow’s fill slides out from under her neck and also support vanishes—this memory foam pillow indigenous Coop Home items is a sturdy choice that provides support a priority. The comes with extra to fill you can include or remove for maximum comfort, and it’s also hypoallergenic and also dust mite-resistant to aid lower the hazard you’ll wake up up with a stuffy nose.

What the evaluate Say: This pillow comes extremely recommended by hundreds of Amazon customers. “The pillow is so comfortable. Ns can’t yes, really compare it come anything. It’s not favor a down or favor a feather pillow,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s not also high, or as well low. And the bamboo situation it comes with is nice and soft.”

How To pick The finest Pillow because that Neck Pain

“At night once you lay down to sleep, you desire your head to be appropriately supported so the your neck muscles have the right to relax,” claims Nicole Nagle, DPT. With the wrong pillow, “your neck muscles room working overtime in ~ night and also this is not going to assist your neck pain,” she says.Nagle recommends maintaining the following factors in mental when looking for a pillow to assist ease pain:

Focus on your alignment. The appropriate pillow need to support your head and neck. “Your shoulders have to not be on the pillow,” Nagle says. “The goal is for you to have a neutral spine, which means your head have to not be placed too far forward or backward.” Firmness and material are personal preferences. The key goal, Nagle says, is for you to be in alignment, through your head and also neck aligned v your spine. “If recognize a pillow the has higher firmness is going to aid you keep that alignment, then by all way go ahead,” she says. Read the reviews. To buy online deserve to be tricky, but it’s a necessity these days. It is why Nagle recommends reading online descriptions and reviews before pulling the create on a purchase. And, if a company has a an excellent return policy, also better.

Can pillows cause neck pain?

Sleeping ~ above the dorn pillow can cause or exacerbate neck pain. If your pillow is as well thick or too thin, that can pressure your neck right into weird angle that put stress and tension on her body, bring about neck pain. Also if her pillow feels comfortable in ~ first, it’s feasible that the not providing you the right amount the support. A proper pillow keeps her head parallel through your mattress, rather than bent up or down.

Which pillow is ideal for neck pain?

There isn’t one single pillow the end there it is perfect because that everyone, yet the ideal pillow because that neck pain has two key characteristics: it’s firm sufficient to store your head at a neutral angle so your spine continues to be aligned while friend sleep, but yet in which method soft enough to enable some offer to help alleviate push points.

Memory foam and feather pillows room excellent choices because they administer support, but additionally cradle her head to save your spine neutral. Cervical pillows—the ones that have a depression in the center and raised edges—are likewise top picks. Keep in mind the the best pillow because that neck pain may not feel entirely comfortable at first. It can take some acquiring used to, so offer it a small time.

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How must I sleep to stop neck pain?

To protect against neck pain, it’s finest to sleep on your earlier or your side. Her head and also neck must be on your pillow, while her shoulders stay slightly listed below it. Your head should also be parallel come the mattress, rather than at an angle.