Team Stats


Leader Skill

True strength of a God
\"Realm of Gods\" classification Ki +3, HP & ATK +170% and also DEF +130%; or Extreme course Ki +3 and also HP, ATK & DEF +120%






The realm of Gods group has two appropriate leaders: AGL Zamasu and also UR Transdimensional Instinct - son ogong (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) (S. INT). Both Buff their teams to one extremely an effective level. Your Leader an abilities only differ in the percentage rise they give the Team, v Ultra Instinct Goku giving Ki +3 and also 150% come HP, ATK & DEF. 

The next finest Leader option is UR A great in great and evil - Gowasu & Zamasu (S. PHY), who provides Realm of Gods group Ki +3 and also HP, ATK & DEF +120%, and also perform well on the Team.

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This kingdom of god Team has one Super kind rotation and also one Extreme form rotation, both of i beg your pardon are complete of godly power. Below are the recommended rotations:

The at sight rotation the TEQ Vegito Blue and also AGL super Saiyan Gogeta renders for an incredibly solid turn. Vegito Blue’s have the right to stack ATK & DEF on super ATK, letting him thrive to insane power levels, and also he Links an extremely nicely through AGL Gogeta, sharing 5 Ki and also 35% indigenous ATK Link an abilities after Gogeta transforms. The cohesion and also power that these 2 Cards together cannot be overstated.

The extreme rotation is composed of str Rose and AGL Zamasu. AGL Zamasu excels in ~ dealing damage with a nice ATK Buff indigenous Passive skill that grows each time he transforms. STR climbed plays an impressive supporting function for Zamasu, and is a staple for Extreme form rotations. That Buffs too much allies’ Ki and DEF, and also ATK as soon as he offers Super ATK--Not to mention he’s also a hefty damages dealer. His DEF Buff mitigates Zamasu’s main weakness--ie, his own absence of DEF. However, the 2 share an ext than enough link Skills, Ki, and stat Buffs to make up for this some.

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LR son ogong Black & Zamasu is wonderful Card because that the Team, offering HP Recovery every time castle appear and increase ATK and DEF as the fight goes on. They likewise have a flexible collection of Link an abilities that allow them to share Ki with both Super and Extreme Cards. Lock are great and whether or not they space on the main excessive rotation is purely at the discretion of the player. 

AGL West Kai is a very an excellent support for the category, giving not only a 40% Buff come ATK & DEF, but additionally a 7% opportunity to floor a an important Hit. Her key downfall is a lack of tanking Skills, causing her to autumn to the wayside on only the most an overwhelming Events.