Just together the method people look at varies roughly the world, people’s feet likewise are different depending upon where you come from. Right here a large review the feet shapes approximately the world.

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First a disclaimer, this is plainly a generalising walkthrough, there are big variations that people’s feet also if one originates indigenous the exact same country/region. It additionally varies a lot about how much expertise I have / have regulated to clues myself between different areas, so if you know that i am wrong around something, please correct me. Satra, the live independence research and test institute because that the shoes industry, has actually made a gigantic survey of foot shapes approximately the world, but because it’s only obtainable for member companies and also costs €6,000 (it is aimed for international shoe companies), this is nothing i have had actually the possibility to do learn from. Yet there are other research, data and general information. Since this blog is mainly about men’s shoes and also this is wherein I have actually the best knowledge, this likewise applies as soon as it pertains to feet, yet as a rule, you deserve to say the the exact same rules go with for women’s feet (unless proclaimed otherwise).


In this article I don’t get in the different shapes of the toes, yet here above is a good overview, though also this very generalizing. Picture: genealogical Findings

Russia and also Eastern Europe

Here, specifically for Russian feet, the properties is favor the north European foot, however further pushed, so to speak. Here, many have really high insteps and broad feet end the ball. Frequently has a an obstacle when it involves finding shoes that sit comfortably and looks great on the feet.


Asian feet space to start with much smaller 보다 western feet, ~ above average about 2 centimeter shorter. Moreover, the instep is lower, castle are wider and much less bony, plus the heels are more cupped if you check out them in profile, which have the right to make a difference between oriental manufacturers’ shoes and European. Space you visiting for instance in Japan or China and if you have feet about the size of UK9 / EU43 or above, it’s virtually no opportunity to uncover shoes in the shop there.

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North America

Here is a clear and also interesting difference to european feet, and it’s the reality that the Americans generally have narrower feet. Quite similar in shape, yet not as vast (for unclear reasons, this only uses to men, women’s feet room very comparable on the 2 continents). This is why it’s common for european brands, for example, who use the hatchet E for standard width in Europe, to have actually the narrower D-width as the typical for the shoes sold on the united state market. The said, v the increased average weight of people especially in the US, it’s something that seem come be transforming a bit.