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1.Organizational culture is finest explained as business A. Personality.B. Hierarchy.C. Reporting relationships.D. Background.E. Monitoring style.
2.Which of the adhering to is no true the project administration structures? A. They carry out a framework for launching and implementing projectsB. They as necessary balance the requirements of both the parent organization and also the projectC. In selecting a monitoring structure, the culture of the organization is not a huge considerationD. The job itself must be taken into consideration when determining which structure is bestE. They aid determine who has actually most government in for to regulating the job
3.All that the following are disadvantages of arranging projects in ~ a matrix setup EXCEPT A. Dysfunctional conflict between functional managers and project managers.B. Expensive.C. Infighting.D. Stressful.E. Longer project duration.
4.The framework that manages projects within the existing organizational structure is __________ organization. A. FunctionalB. Well balanced matrixC. Weak matrixD. Solid matrixE. Projectized
5.Bill is working on a project entailing the upgrading the a management details system. The job is being managed by the information systems department v the coordination of other departments developing through typical channels. That is working in a _________ organization. A. FunctionalB. Balanced matrixC. Weak matrixD. Solid matrixE. Projectized
6.Which that the complying with is an benefit of a useful project monitoring organization? A. Maximum flexibility in the usage of staffB. Great integration across functional unitsC. Much shorter project durationD. Solid motivation of project team membersE. Much longer project term
7.Which the the adhering to is a disadvantage of practical project monitoring organization? A. Lack of an inspiration of job team membersB. Much longer project durationC. Absence of focus on the projectD. Negative integrationE. All of these space disadvantages of functional project monitoring organization
8.Which of the complying with is a disadvantage of a projectized organization? A. The is expensiveB. Much longer project durationC. Poor integrationD. High complexityE. Lack of emphasis on the task
9.A job team the operates with a full-time project manager together a different unit native the remainder of the company is structured making use of ________ organization. A. FunctionalB. Balanced matrixC. Weak matrixD. Solid matrixE. Projectized
10.Which that the following combinations represents the extremes of project organization? A. Solid matrix and balanced matrixB. Functional and also projectizedC. Projectized and balanced matrixD. Projectized and solid matrixE. Solid matrix and also functional
11.MegaComputers Inc., has actually assigned a job manager for each the the five new-product teams. The managers, as well as the project team members, work-related on the jobs on a permanent basis. The structure being used is ________ organization. A. FunctionalB. Well balanced matrixC. Weak matrixD. Strong matrixE. Projectized
12.All of the following are business considerations once determining the appropriate project administration structure except A. How necessary project administration is to the success that the organizationB. What percentage of main point work involves projectsC. Resource availabilityD. Assess present practices and also determine any changes the are essential to more effectively manage projectsE. Budget constraints
13.Elizabeth is considering just how to framework a job team that will not straight disrupt recurring operations. The project needs to be done quickly and also a high level of motivation will be necessary in bespeak to perform that. Because that this situation, the ______ company would be the best choice. A. FunctionalB. Balanced matrixC. Weak matrixD. Solid matrixE. Projectized
14.At the task level, which of the following is a variable that should affect the choice of project monitoring structure? A. The dimension of the projectB. The new of the projectC. Budget and time constraintsD. The strategic prestige of the projectE. All of these are components that should influence the choice of project management structure
15.Which space the three various matrix systems questioned in the text? A. Functional, Weak, StrongB. Balanced, Functional, ProjectizedC. Weak, Strong, BalancedD. Neutral, Weak, StrongE. Functional, Neutral, Projectized
16._________ company is a hybrid form in i beg your pardon a horizontal project administration structure is "overlaid" in the normal practical hierarchy. A. FunctionalB. MatrixC. ProjectD. BalancedE. Neutral
17.Which that the following is not true about organizing tasks within a procession arrangement? A. Its flexibility supports a strong project emphasis that helps reduce stress amongst project team membersB. The is designed to optimally utilize sources by having actually individuals occupational on multiple projects and also being qualified of performing normal sensible dutiesC. There are usually two chains that commandD. Provides a double focus in between functional/technical expertise and also project needs that is missing in either the job team or the practical approachE. That is a hybrid kind of company that combines qualities of both committed project teams and also functional organization
18.In i m sorry of the adhering to is the balance the authority strongly in donate of the functional managers? A. Weak matrixB. Balanced matrixC. Solid matrixD. MatrixE. Neutral matrix
19.All that the adhering to are functions culture plays in one organization except A. It gives a feeling of identity.B. It helps legitimize the administration system.C. The replaces the require for a project selection process.D. The helps develop social order.E. That clarifies and reinforces requirements of behavior.
20.How does who learn much more about an organization"s culture? A. Read about the organizationB. Analyze stories about the organizationC. Watch how people interact in ~ the organizationD. Study the physical features of the organizationE. All of these are instances of how someone have the right to learn much more about an organization"s society
21.Which organization"s society is not a society a task manager has to be able to operate in or communicate with? A. The culture of their parent organizationB. The society of government and also regulatory agenciesC. The society of vendors and subcontractorsD. The society of the project"s client or clientE. All of these are cultures a project manager has actually to have the ability to operate in or communicate with
22.Which structure would be most suitable for occurring a new, very innovative product that has actually strict time constraints? A. Functional organizationB. Well balanced matrixC. Devoted project teamD. Strong matrixE. Weak matrix
23.From the perform below, i beg your pardon is not a primary characteristic of organizational culture? A. ControlB. Team emphasisC. ProfitabilityD. Conflict toleranceE. Threat tolerance
24.Factors in identifying social characteristics encompass all the following other than A. Norms.B. Customs.C. Values.D. Attitude.E. Every one of these are components in identifying cultural characteristics.
25.Who is responsible because that determining exactly how tasks will be done in a weak procession project management structure? A. The useful managerB. The task managerC. Both the functional manager and the job manager are responsibleD. Over there is no rule developed for who takes responsibilityE. This is negotiated
26.Which that the following social characteristics relates come the degree to which employees recognize with the company as a whole rather than v their type of job or ar of experienced expertise? A. Member identityB. Team emphasisC. Managerial focusD. Unit integrationE. Manage
27.Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the level to i m sorry work activities are organized about groups fairly than individuals? A. Member identityB. Team emphasisC. Managerial focusD. Unit integrationE. Control
28.Which the the following social characteristic relates to the degree to i m sorry rules, policies, and direct supervision are supplied to oversee and control employee behavior? A. Member identityB. Team EmphasisC. Managerial focusD. Unit integrationE. Manage
29.Which that the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to which groups within the company are encouraged to operate in a coordinated or independent manner? A. Member identityB. Team emphasisC. Managerial focusD. Unit integrationE. Regulate
30.Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to i beg your pardon management concentrates on outcomes quite than top top techniques and also processes provided to achieve those outcomes? A. Risk toleranceB. Reward criteriaC. Conflict toleranceD. Way versus finish orientationE. Open-systems focus
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