"Under The Blade" (1997)1. Farewell to the Flesh2. Entering my Yesterdays3. Eat the Meat Raw4. Boy of Spellcraft and Starfalls5. Metalbounded6. Under the Blade7. Mandrel of a black Rose8. Cinderellas Return and Departure9. Wade the Moons that Mars10. Metallic Warlust11. Curse The gods (Destruction cover)1. Farewell come the FleshGuess this star was meant to beas it to be my callBut what yes, really bothers meit seem for this reason smallIs that the reason whyit"s done v charm?Then every this is a lieto cause me harmBut once it comes to painI let it drainAnd through my blood ns spellfarewell to the fleshThat"s an additional return, one more lossAll the feelings ns burn, and all the wasFarewell come the flesh-tearing it up at daytimeAnd farewell come the rest-burning it under at nightThat"s another return one more lossAll the feelings i burn, and also all the wasAs i am taken on by the universeI think of points I could do reverseIs this the last endof all that was?I cannot understand The size of my loss Farewell come the flesh- tearing that up in ~ daytimeAnd farewell to the rest- burning it down at nightThat"s one more return, one more loss every the feelings i burn, and also all that was2. Entering my YesterdaysEntering my yesterdays Travel with timespace In order to escape native todayRun indigenous misery & hateI can hardly waitin my past I will always stayI will constantly stay...Despise tomorrowwhich bring me sorrowI wish to turn ago the years and the tears...Entering my yesterdaysTurning earlier the timemy tranquility I desire to findEntering mine yesterdaysWould you it is in so kindto leaving me with my mindDespise tomorrowwhich brings me sorrowI should have said this yesterday, fine anyway...3. Eat the Meat RawIt"s like a garden v one flowerand a guy feeding it strength A symbiosis they welcome and also greet cultivation stronger every time castle meetIt"s choose a river ending in a sea(guess that river is me) A time will certainly come once water should out lack of need is what it"s all around This is the means I view you however then ns guess girlfriend don"t desire me tooBut after ~ all, what deserve to I do? once I think for once, mine love is true I...I might die because that you, if I only knew the you would certainly remember me as well Trapped in between fear and desire A thousand inner wars You room the lumber feeding my fiream i the water on your ?This is the means I view youbut then ns guess you don"t want me tooBut ~ all, what can I do? once I think because that once, my love is true I...I might die for you, if I just knew that you would remember me also Eating the meat life on my love you gnaw living from my tears You"re eating my meat rawthrough my soul you experienced Living from my tears4. Young of Spellcraft and also StarfallsWe young of spellcraft and starfalls It"s increase to united state to damage the halls of adversaries Our spellcraft we releaseand they"ll decease -our enemies We set the starrain cost-free and they"ll watch -their death we"ll be The sword is ours spellcraft The tongue of that means painAnd ours arrows space the starfalls with which us strike again and again stronger than all magic is the blood the runs our veins assault us through wictheryit hurts like if it rains, yes it rainsWe sons of power and also lightningFor united state is no thing to frightening our spellcraft we release and also they"ll decease -our enemies We set the starrain complimentary and they"ll see -their death we"ll be try us v your voodoo and also you"ll suffer from her deeds all the things that girlfriend domakes united state stand and also watch girlfriend bleed -yes you"ll bleedSons that spellcraft and also starfalls young of spellcraft and also starfalls5. MetalboundedSword by the blade of metalSteel operation my veins forever We room lords of this mighty groundThat"s since of ours metalboundForever and also ever again This time is never ever to end Metal our blood consists of United we space standing Guard our wayOur could is broadening We came to stay knife by the tongue of metal Steel operation my veins forever Come on... United we space standing Guard our wayOur can is expanding We pertained to stay We space lords of this mighty ground That"s since of ours metalboundForever and ever again This time is never ever to finish Metal our blood contains6. Under the BladeUnder the blade, under the blade starting to fade - under the blade becoming my maid - under the tongue I can never overcome your nameand you will never ever be the same This time you"re loosing the video game See the tongue from under waiting for the thunder that takes you far from below Dare to duell the guillotine the sharpest you have actually seen It helps you finish your fear I action in hopelessness due to the fact you space sorrowless Under the blade, under the blade beginning to fade - under the bladeBecoming mine maid - under the tongue Under the blade - under the blade starting to fade - under the tongue You"re gonna get laid - under the bladeI have the right to never dominate your nameand girlfriend will never ever be the sameThis time you"re loosing the game7. Thorns of a black color RoseI want to breath you, feed you, seed you hold you, open you, grow old through you, I have to see you, be you, me & you... That"s all i wantThat"s every I require I"d favor to fly you, spy you, die with you wear you, challenge you, take treatment of you ns think of meeting you, greeting you, eat youHate you... Yet all I carry out is wait because that you That"s every I"d favor That"s all ns think I"ve ripped myself on the mandrel of a black roseLost my will - that"s the way things goes i dream of pouring you, scoring you, getting more of you and also to discover you, blind you, be type to youI"d love to dress you, stress and anxiety you, caress you miss out on you, skiss you...kiss you... I"d love to dislike you however what is over there to do as soon as I just hate come love you?8. Cinderellas Return and also DepartureIt"s the return of beauty, beauty & paina torture attackIt"s the return that sunshine & rain The angel of darkness is earlier Frustration wanted Sanity is haunted This is the hosting of peace & of battle a false - sounding regulation This is the haunting the virgins & whoresI"m in their claws Gone together with the sunwas the something I have actually done ?It"s the departure of fire & icea deadly retrett It"s the departure of reality & of liesmy welcome i regrettFrustration want Sanity is haunted It to be the return of beauty & paina torture attack It to be the return that sunshine & rain The point of view of darkness was back Gone in addition to the sunwas it something I have actually done ?Ask myself if this is great If I only understood...9. Wade the Moons the MarsI have actually seen the clouds from above and travelled in between stars I"ve particle them fall in love I"ve go the moons of mars The world is nothing new The things unknown to me are couple of I"ve watched the bear of our sun and beed there once all life started But ns cannot know when my life will certainly end? I have actually sailed the seven seasand go it really well developed summer breeze I believed you"d favor the smellBut ns cannot know when mine life will certainly end?10.

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Metallic Warlust
This is the finish of a serene season Violence has risen without factor Metallic warlust Metallic whorelustBeauty is no more, Loving has actually turned to war We are here to score Metallic warlust Metallic whorelustIt"s the dawn of loving age regulated by substantial rage It"s the dawn of a loving ageMetallic warlust No laws, no compromising as our metalattack is climbing Beauty is no more, Loving has turned to war We are here to score!11. Curse The gods (Destruction cover)Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ everything your god might be forget those idols allow me tell friend they"re story of morbid brains everybody thinks he"s ideal that his gods space the only fact fanatic faith, fanatic deeds sign up with my religion or dice jews eliminated jesus, christs slaughtered jews millions dice for their faith each religion prays the killing is a sin how stupid logic have the right to be curse the gods also many human being have died curse the gods that fools have passed away for a lie beware of those stupid that store telling friend god loves you, because that you his son died fuck them- believe in you yourself gods reality is just a lie curse the gods as well many civilization have died curse the gods the fools have passed away for a lieSearch text by band surname or use our advanced Search engine:#ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZwww.londonchinatown.orgContact e-mail: webmaster