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This boxed set is remarkable for the slim volume of exorbitant music the proffers in ~ a fraction of what one would suppose to pay because that it. Concentrating on the at an early stage years, it presents Bob Wills in ~ the dawn the his recording career and also continues with the height of his creativity. This is the cream of at an early stage Bob Wills, and also contains around 60% of his very best material (I am long of the opinion that Bob Wills never made a bad record in his life, and he ongoing to be abundant through his so-called "lean years" that the 1950"s, 1960"s and beyond). But these tracks room the classics that many fans cherish above all.Tommy Duncan, Wills" favourite featured vocalist, appears here on countless sides, consisting of Time alters Everything (my an individual Bob Wills favorite) and many others. As well as the early on Columbia sides, over there are instances of his Decca years and also other smaller labels. A few of my very own favorites incorporate My tiny Cherokee Maiden (close runner-up to Time changes Everything together my favorite Bob Wills record) Sunbonnet Sue (recorded v Milton Brown and also His Brownies before Bob created the Playboys) Maiden"s Prayer, Steel guitar Rag, container Street Blues, san Antonio Rose, silver- Bells, Lone Star Rag (an overlooked masterpiece, and one that the catchiest critical tunes you"ve ever before heard), take Me back To Tulsa, miss Molly, my Confession, Roly Poly, Hawaiian battle Chant, sugar Moon, balloon In my Beer, Deep Water, Faded Love (which Bob wrote and also Patsy Cline had a monster hit with) and I Laugh once I Think just how I Cried end You (what a good title!).For anyone who doesn"t know, Bob Wills to be a fiddle player who played his first professional gig together a young boy, substituting because that his dad at a barn dance. Back he prospered up around Western music, the Wills family lived in a poor area where there were numerous black families, and an extremely early he to be exposed to and grew to love the Blues and other forms of timeless African-American music. Legend has actually it the he as soon as rode fifty mile on horseback to to visit a Bessie blacksmith recital, and also was the only white person in the audience. He was one of the founding members that Milton Brown and also His Brownies, the band attributed with creating the layout of music now known as west Swing. Once he began his very own band, the Texas Playboys, he take it a cue from counting Basie and also included Brass, Horns and also rhythm instruments, and if the couldn"t insurance claim to actually create Western Swing, he absolutely perfected it. In the 1940"s the was one of the highest possible paid bandleaders in the US.Bob to be most famous for his "calls" or "hollers". Once the band obtained hot, that would generally holler "Ahhhhh-hahhhh" or prod them together with such exclamations together "Take it away, Leon" or "Here"s the old piano pounder". Or, if the tape was playing below his expectations, he would shout, "Johnny in key, please" or essentially anything else that came into his mind.For numerous years throughout the height of his popularity, Bob and also his music were rejected through the orthodox country music facility for being too "jazzy" and also ignored through the jazz people for being too "hillbilly". West Swing is a blend of jazz and western music - it is mostly dance music, with a strong emphasis top top vocals (like country), however it additionally includes jazz tools like saxophone and trumpets. What provides it most unique are tools that room traditionally connected with country music (like fiddles and steel guitars), gift employed in a "swing" or jazz fashion. Any type of performance by Bob Wills Texas Playboys incorporates spotlight solos, improvisation and also other musical trademarks generally connected with jazz. In various other words, his band and also his music are completely unique.Fortunately, there to be a resurgence of interest in Bob Wills and his music which began in the 1960"s and continues to this day. ~ his fatality in 1974, there was an explosion of new Western waver bands, with young admirers anxious to copy the Bob Wills sound and also keep west Swing alive. Even country music has lastly paid the his due, for now Bob Wills is proudly taken on and revered in country circles together a pioneer and also a true original.

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The is now acknowledged as among the an initial to incorporate african American rhythm and Jazz into nation music, and his influence has actually been identified by such varied artists together Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and also even Elvis Costello.If you room not acquainted with Bob Wills, you can"t go wrong v this set as one introduction, especially at this price.