When you recognize that Wuntch is ago in action, things space bound come get complicated for Captain Holt. Examine out her recent stunt in our recap that Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2, illustration 22.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 2, episode 22 recap

Gina’s preoccupation through her phone call inspires Peralta to difficulty all the other detectives to a distract-Gina-from-her-phone contest. Whomever is the very first to accomplish the job wins the pot.

Boyle, Peralta, Santiago, and also Rosa fail in spectacular fashion. However, Terry’s genius arrangement to adjust his partnership status on on facebook to “It’s Complicated” go the trick… but resulted in him acquiring an upset phone call from his wife. Whoops.

A member of the Fulton Street Four, responsible for stealing 21 million dollars from an armored car heist, transforms up dead and also Peralta think this can be his chance to jump the end of a chopper activity movie style.

Terry asks the continuing to be detectives for aid schmoozing a neighborhood magnate preschool that he wants his pair to attend. Everybody’s on board to give it their really best.

Let the schmoozing begin! Gina sets she sights ~ above a pair of kids that don’t get along, if Santiago tells the teacher exactly what she wants to hear.

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On location, Peralta and also Holt acquire a team and also converge on the barn. They discover their doubt — dead. Bledsoe play them. Peralta calls come make certain Bledsoe is still in custody, but he escaped the cracker-jack team of police officers guarding his hospital room.

Holt is more angry than they’ve ever before seen him. He’s totally over the politics of what Wuntch might be planning, and also he jumps wholeheartedly right into Peralta’s game. They hunt under Bledsoe and also find the trying to empty the end the vault wherein they hid the 21 million dollars. Bingpot! win is theirs! But, wait, this was Wuntch’s arrangement all along. She’s making Holt head that PR and also taking him far from the Nine-Nine. NO!