What was the key reason that many northerners were opposed come the brand-new Fugitive servant Act produced by the weaken of 1850?

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c.They felt it offered commissioners too lot power and also was unfair to slaves by giving them a trial there is no a jury.
How did john C. Calhoun and also Daniel Webster differ in their interpretations of the strength of the federal government?
a.Calhoun believed that the federal federal government did not have the power to ban slavery, while Webster thought the government did have actually this power.
"A residence divided against itself cannot stand. I think this federal government cannot endure permanently half slave and fifty percent free. I execute not mean the Union come be dissolved -- I perform not mean the home to fall -- yet I carry out expect it will cease to be divided."--Abraham Lincoln, native his "House Divided" speech, 1858Which explain accurately paraphrases Lincoln"s thoughts about the future?
d.He wanted to rental a naval blockade of southerly ports and also gain regulate of the Mississippi flow to divide the Confederacy.
Why did general Robert E. Lee decision to command the Confederate army although he was opposed come slavery and secession?
Which that the adhering to was an afri American unit in the Civil battle that played a key role in the assault on southern Carolina"s ft Wagner?


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