What /b/ didn"t realize during the raid ~ above her private show: She was surveillance the object the totality time.

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Fernando Alfonso III

Internet Culture

Published Aug 7, 2013Updated Jun 1, 2021, 9:40 to be CDT

In august 2012, pranksters from 4chan’s random imageboard /b/ harassed a camgirl so exhaustively that she broke down in tears. Live.

The whole episode was captured in a video posted top top LiveLeak, where it was viewed an ext than 736,000 times. 

“God forgot ns existed,” Nina Jaymes said throughout a 2012 show. “He didn’t administer me through anyone. Twelve years, i’ve been waiting for some guy to love me. God doesn’t care. I want to die.”

Now, specifically a year later, Jaymes, 40, has obtained wise and turned two recent raids top top her display into profit.

For the 2nd time in the past two days, /b/ has tried hard to rile Jaymes come the point of break down. The latest attempt kicked off this particular day at 1:40pm ET. (Warning: The screenshot contain some graphic language.)


Here are few of the messages post in the thread; goading /b/ users to mess through Jaymes:

Guys do something. Do her foolish so I’ve got something to fap to.

shes already hatin on men come on men shes obtaining all riled up pretty quick lets get her screaming.

I desire to view the consist of run down her confront again.

What /b/ didn’t realize was that Jaymes was security the thread. After finishing a private show at about 2:15pm, Jaymes damaged her silence.


Jaymes continued commenting in the thread, claiming these 4chan raids have actually only aided line her pockets. End the course of an hour, she did an ext than three private chats, accumulated $15 to flash her breasts and butt quickly, and received a countless number of $1 tips.

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“I do plenty that money throughout your raids, enough to take the following day off,” Jaymes claimed. “Why would certainly i proceed to camer if the money was not worth it. I would certainly not. Monitoring high school children is no that exciting for a 40 yr old DOLL!!”

Apparently disappointed by their failure, /b/ rotate to electronic came girls choose MilkNyan (NSFW) to shot and make her cry. One 4chan user likewise questioned even if it is Jaymes was much more than simply a participant in the /b/ thread.

“Has it developed to you all that Nina could be making this threads?” the cotton user wrote. “She seems to ‘find’ them incredibly fast don’t friend think? once a thread come up her room it s okay a suddenly raise in viewers indigenous /b/ and also that shows on the website homepage. So civilization are gonna think this room could be worth entering and also in rotate she makes an ext money turn off the fuckwits that fell for it.”

The /b/ thread was turned off at 2:55pm. Here’s a PDF the daily Dot created of the whole conversation (much of which is NSFW) prior to it to be taken down.