If she someone who pays fist to the ingredient in your skin care products, you’ve more than likely noticed camu camu top top the list much more than once. Read on to uncover out exactly how this superfood can benefit your skin and also if it’s best for her skin type.

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What is Camu Camu?

Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a fruit tree discovered in the Amazon rainforest that grows cherry-like berries that are jam-packed with all kinds of an effective antioxidants — many importantly, vitamin C. Follow to Dr. Lucy Glancey, founder of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery Dr. Glancey Clinics, camu camu berries contain end 30 time the lot of vitamin C 보다 oranges and other citrus fruits! and also this is specifically why skin treatment brands are incorporating this high it is provided ingredient into their products.
Vitamin C demands no introduction. Arguably among the most popular skin treatment ingredients of the critical decade, “it stimulates the synthetic of new collagen production and also as a result, minimizes the illustration of deep wrinkles and also fine lines,” Dr. Glancey speak The Klog. So when camu camu is supplied topically, you have the right to only imagine how good the results have to be.
But camu camu does so much more than fight signs of aging. Follow to skin specialist and founder that the London Premier Laser and also Skin Clinic, Lucy Xu, camu camu additionally contains niacin, which helps reduce pigmentation and also brighten skin. “Because that is high in both vitamin C and also niacin it has actually a an excellent effect ~ above melanin developing cells,” she explains.
Better still, it’s complete of flavonoid antioxidants consisting of ellagic acids and also anthocyanins, states Xu, i beg your pardon “work come prevent any type of cell damages from harmful environmental determinants such as pollution, pollen and, of course, UV damage.” It additionally carries beta-carotene, a derivative that vitamin A, which helps safeguard skin from free radicals (so you have the right to say goodbye to dry, itchy and also inflamed skin for good).
Lastly, camu camu is believed to it is in an antibacterial. “Although it’s not an acne cure, it will help with unblocking pores and exfoliating the skin,” Dr. Glancy reveals.
Camu Camu is an ideal for all skin types. “In rare cases, civilization who have actually hypersensitive skin may suffer indigenous minor irritation,” Dr. Glancey admits, “but it’s yes, really dependent on what form of product she purchasing.”
In bespeak to enjoy the benefits, look at what else camu camu has actually been combine with. Good (Skin) Days™ C’s The job Serum, for example, is formulated with 10% pure vitamin C, camu camu, mushroom extract, and ginseng. Every ingredient complements the other, working to provide you a an ext radiant, also complexion.
Remember, any kind of skin product trying to perform too many things with too countless ingredients, is probably not doing too much at all.
While you have the right to eat camu camu, founder the Radiant glow Botanical, Biodun Olusesan, no recommend it together there’s no scientific proof that mirrors doing therefore will benefit your skin in the same way as applying it topically.

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But like so many skin care ingredients, you can’t intend to watch the services of camu camu overnight. So as soon as you’ve discovered a camu camu product that’s appropriate for you, be certain to stick v it for at least a month or two to see how much of a distinction it deserve to really make.
Have you ever tried camu camu? will you shot incorporating it into your routine? share in the comment below!


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