I frequently get request if Crawfish or Crayfish are safe to eat in pregnancy, since they’re seafood, and also even have ‘fish’ in the name, regardless of being a crustacean. If you’re pregnant, you’re probably wondering if you have the right to still eat lock – and also if so, exactly how should they it is in cooked?

Can Pregnant ladies eat Crawfish (Crayfish)? Crawfish space safe because that pregnant women to eat if they’re totally cooked. When cooked, they have the right to be eaten hot or cold. Pregnant women shouldn’t eat undercooked or raw crawfish.

If that seems choose a straightforward rule, that is – chef the crawfish, and they should be fine because that you to eat in pregnancy.

That said, there are a few additional questions that pregnant women frequently ask, consisting of the methods of food preparation them, and what’s in reality in a crawfish, consisting of mercury. This is all defined below.

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how Much Crawfish deserve to You Eat when Pregnant?

Can Pregnant Women only Eat cook Crawfish?

To avoid any kind of confusion I’ll use the word ‘crawfish’ throughout this article, yet it is the very same crustacean that goes by various other names, together as:

Crayfish (in the UK and Europe) Crawdaddies or Crawdads YabbiesMudbagsFreshWater or “Mountain Lobster”

Pregnant ladies (and everyone else, for the matter!) need to only eat crawfish as soon as they’re completely cooked. ns haven’t heard anyone wanting to eat them raw, but ‘undercooked’ is possible, specifically with huge crawfish that might need longer cook times 보다 you an initial think.

Raw shellfish have the right to contain bacteria and pathogens, and also raw crawfish can likewise harbor parasitic diseases, an especially if they’re caught wild (source: FSN). Food preparation crawfish provides them for sure to eat.


How lot Mercury Is In Crawfish?

Pregnant women are often conscious that they have to keep an eye on your mercury intake, including when it’s found in fish and also seafood.

Crawfish are low in mercury, averaging 0.033 components per million (source: FDA). To offer you an idea of exactly how low that is, seafood the is as much as 0.1 PPM is still considered ‘low’ in mercury. Pregnant women don’t must be involved with the mercury content in crawfish at these low levels.

Both farmed and wild crawfish the come from the USA are taken into consideration to be short in mercury. This is the most likely crawfish you’ll come across, because the unified States is one of the biggest producers that crawfish.

It’s worth noting that imported crawfish are noted as having an ‘unknown’ lot of mercury, therefore it’s probably finest to stick come USA-sourced farmed or wild crawfish (source: EDF).

If you’re fishing because that wild crawfish yourself, check if over there are any kind of marine advisories in the area indicating the there may be contamination or other issues with certain local body of water.

How lot Crawfish deserve to You Eat when Pregnant?

In the USA, pregnant women space advised to eat 8 – 12oz of short mercury fish or shellfish a main (source: FDA). This includes crawfish, as they’re low in mercury.

As you deserve to imagine, the following question is…

How lot is 12oz the Crawfish?

It’s worth mentioning that it’s much better to eat a varied diet of fish once you’re pregnant, rather than eat 8 – 12 oz of simply one single variety every week.

However, when you’re pregnant, it may be the you can only stomach one particular type of seafood, or it’s every you desire to eat for the moment being. That’s fine, too.

It’s difficult to offer a precise measurement that what 12oz of crawfish meat watch like, because the dimension of crawfish can vary. 12oz is about 240g, or 0.75lb the shelled crawfish meat. as a rough guide:

12oz is roughly 3 – 4 servings that crawfish tails. If you’re in the UK or Europe, ready-peeled crayfish tails regularly come in 1-serving trays anywhere in between 80-120g. In the USA, the sealed plastic pouches the ready-peeled crawfish meat you find in shop is normally in a 12oz or 1lb dimension (e.g. Boudreaux, Bernard’s, Riceland, Gulf Marine).

Are Crawfish great for Pregnant Women?

Now that you know you have the right to eat castle safely when cooked, you can be wonder if crawfish are an excellent for you once you’re pregnant.

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Crawfish are a great lean source of protein, and also they’re low in fat and saturated fat. They’re also a good source the iron, copper, selenium and also niacin (source: AgriLife).

They also contain trace quantities of vitamin A and C (source: Nutritionix).

Crawfish perform contain cholesterol, yet this is only an problem if you have to watch her cholesterol intake and have been told to execute so through your healthcare provider.

Otherwise, crawfish are a healthy choice of seafood in pregnancy, specifically if they space boiled or steamed rather than fried.

Crawfish/Crayfish dishes and their Pregnancy safety and security

Here are some usual crawfish/crayfish dishes and also whether or no they’re OK as soon as you’re pregnant:

Crawfish Boil – enjoyed throughout the USA (the south in particular), pregnant women deserve to eat boiled crawfish safely if the crawfish is completely cooked. They generally are, despite you could cut among the bigger persons in half first and inspect it’s done every the way through. Crawfish Etouffee – a Louisiana specialty, and a favorite Cajun and Creole dish. Crawfish etouffee is for sure in pregnant if the crawfish are totally cooked in the sauce. The various other ingredients in a common etouffee room usually pregnancy safe, too.

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