In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses even if it is or not NyQuil have the right to be taken through Tessalon (benzonatate).

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Rick asked

I take it a prescription cough suppressant my physician prescribed, benzonatate, 200mg about 4-1/2 hrs ago. Ns would favor to now take 30ml that NyQuil serious cold & flu for the rest of the symptoms. Will there be any kind of adverse reactions?


There is no interaction in between benzonatate and NyQuil. They space generally considered to be for sure to take it together.

However, NyQuil will cause sedation around 30 come 60 minute after taking by mouth and benzonatate may cause mild sedation in some individuals. Therefore, there is a opportunity of additive sedative impacts with the two medications.

Benzonatate Information

Benzonatate (brand name Tessalon) is a non-narcotic medication, most frequently used for sneeze symptoms connected with colds and acute respiratory infections. At typical dosages, benzonatate is not connected with respiratory depression or far-ranging CNS (central nervous system) depressionand is because of this considered safe to take it with most other medications.

Benzonatate works by anesthetizing the stretch receptor in the alveoli that the lungs and airways. This reduces the emotion of needing to cough.

While benzonatate is typically very well tolerated, the can cause mild sedation. When merged with other drugs that cause sedation, such together NyQuil, the sedative results can be magnified and you must not operate heavy machinery or partake in tasks that call for strict attention.

NyQuil Information

NyQuil is a combination cough/cold medication that includes the following ingredients:

Acetaminophen (analgesic)Dextromethorphan (cough suppressant)Doxylamine (sedating antihistamine)

While NyQuil go contain a cough suppressant (dextromethorphan), the is not believed to communicate with benzonatate.

Doxylamine, the sedating antihistamine in NyQuil, can potentially cause additive results of sedation with provided with benzonatate. Doxylamine starts to work in around 30 minutes but peak concentrations in the blood occur nearly 2 to 3 hrs after acquisition by mouth. This means that if you will feel the impacts of doxylamine reasonably quickly, it have the right to take a couple of hours because that the medicine to reach max effect.

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Taking Benzonatate through NyQuil

As pointed out above, over there is no interaction between benzonatate and NyQuil. However, NyQuil will almost assuredly reason sedition and also benzonatate may have mild sedative results as well. Therefore, although over there is no drug-drug interaction between the two, caution is advised once using the mix due to the additive sedative effects.