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My physician said to reduced in fifty percent my 500 mg metformin ER tablet to reduced my dose. Will this damages the metformin 500 mg ER tablet?

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Metformin extended-release assets (e.g. Glumetza) need to not it is in cut, separation or crushed. Doing therefore will destroy the extended-release system of the drug.



You space correct that extended-release metformin products should not be cut, break-up or crushed. There are actually 3 different extended-release metformin products available, and they all can not be altered. Lock are:

Glucophage XRGlumetza ERFortamet ER

Why friend Can"t cut Metformin ER

You can not cut, split, crush or otherwise alter metformin ER tablets. Doing therefore will destroy the extended-release nature of the drug, publication the whole dose at once and also potentially raising the risk of next effects.

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The 3 extended-release metformin commodities have a different extended-release mechanism, but the general principle behind castle is the same:

Glucophage XR: Glucophage XR supplies a "dual hydrophilic polymer system". As soon as a Glucophage XR tablet is bring away by mouth, the polymer class swells when it comes into call with saliva/gastric contents. The polymer layer develops a gel on the surface ar of the tablet, The drug then release by diffusion through the gel layer. Glumetza: Glumetza tablets use an extended-release mechanism known as "gastro-retentive" technology. The tablets are designed to remain ("float") in the stomach and will provide metformin to the upper GI tract end an extended duration of time.Fortamet: ​Fortamet tablet computers use single-composition osmotic an innovation (SCOT). As soon as exposed come the materials of the stomach and GI tract, water is bring away up with the tablet membrane, i beg your pardon dissolves the drug located in the facility of the tablet. The drug then gradually exits v a little hole in the tablet. Tablets that usage osmotic technology often leave a "ghost tablet" in the stool.

Altering any extended-release metformin product will ruin the extended-release nature of the drug, potentially increasing the danger of next effects and also decreasing glucose control.

You should comment on with her doctor how they want you to reduced your dose. The instruction you described (to reduced the tablet) may have been plan differently. In addition, there may be part confusion regarding the drug and also dosage type you are taking.

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It is important to note that metformin is available as 500 mg in both an immediate release version and also extended-release versions. Probably they want to switch you come the immediate release version and have you split that.