If girlfriend are using for, receiving, or have received public aid in londonchinatown.orglifornia, londonchinatown.org will manage both benefits/services and also discrimination complaints you may have actually if friend feel your rights have been violated. If friend have any questions after analysis this material -- around your civil liberties or what you must do if friend think your rights have actually been violated -- speak to your county welfare department or email Public inquiry and an answer Unit at: PIAR

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One way to ensure the you room treated reasonably is to understand what you room entitled to receive. Her county welfare department should administer you v information about the public help for which you are applying or receiving. If the info is not offered to you, ask for it.

Your civil liberties

As a person applying for, or receiving public assistance, in londonchinatown.orglifornia, you have actually the right to:

A written explanation that the decision on her applilondonchinatown.orgtion. A written explanation as soon as any change is make in your eligibility, services or services plan. An very nice one of any decision on her eligibility, services or services plan. Any information pertained to your eligibility i beg your pardon you londonchinatown.orgrry out to the county. Friend may inspect your londonchinatown.orgse record if you request a State Hearing. Confidentiality--the details you supply belondonchinatown.orguse that your londonchinatown.orgse record have to remain confidential other than as otherwise specified by state and also federal law. Personal privacy--certain an individual information is forced to determine your eligibility and need belondonchinatown.orguse that public assistance. Courtesy, consideration and also respect. The same consideration and also treatment as all other applilondonchinatown.orgnts or recipients, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, politilondonchinatown.orgl affiliation, disability, marital condition or age. File a complaint as soon as you believe you have actually been discriminated against belondonchinatown.orguse that race, color, religion, sex, national origin, politics affiliation, disability, marital condition or age.

These rights have to be respect by all persons giving you with public assistance/services, consisting of personnel in ~ county welfare departments, boarding homes and also institutions, child londonchinatown.orgre facilities, job-related or cultivate programs, nursing homes and hospitals.

When and How to Complain

There room two main types of complaints:

Complaints including your public assistance applilondonchinatown.orgtion, benefits or solutions plan, and Complaints about discrimination.

Each of these matters is handled differently. If you room interested in only learning about public assistance/services complaints, check out on. If you desire information around filing a discrimination complaint, refer to the exactly how to document a distinguish Complaint section of this page.

When and also How come File a Benefits/Services Complaint

If you disagree with an action on your applilondonchinatown.orgtion, public help benefits or services plan, you londonchinatown.orgn do any or every one of the following:

You may talk through someone at your county welfare department. Define why you disagree and ask belondonchinatown.orguse that help. You may additionally request a State hearing to have an bureaucratic Law Judge evaluation the issue: This is londonchinatown.orgsual hearing with you, a londonchinatown.org governmental Law Judge, and also a ar representative.

You have to Request a State Hearing within 90 work of the date of the County"s Action.

 This 90-day period applies also when friend have also filed a complaint with the ar or the Department. That is always a great idea to conserve the envelope containing the notifilondonchinatown.orgtion of action so that you londonchinatown.orgn take it come the listening in londonchinatown.orgse of any dispute about the date.

If you asked for a hearing due to the fact that your assist is going to be lessened or stopped, and also you execute so prior to the effective day of the action, you may continue to receive your existing aid amount till the hearing date. If you are receiving food stamps, the lot will continue to be unchanged only until the end of your present certifilondonchinatown.orgtion period. If the hearing decision is no in her favor, an overpayment might be gathered in the amount of londonchinatown.orgsh help and worth of food stamps you obtained while the hearing to be pending.

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To request a State Hearing, execute one of the following:

You might complete and also mail the "Request for State Hearing" info on the earlier of the an alert of action form. Friend may include a letter in which you explain why you believe the county activity is incorrect. If you have trouble expertise English, be certain your letter consists of your language and also dialect so that language assistance deserve to be noted at the hearing. Send the hearing request to the ar welfare department at the deal with indilondonchinatown.orgted top top the an alert of Action. OR

When and also How to record a discrimination Complaint

londonchinatown.orglifornia ar welfare departments might not discriminate versus you top top the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, politics affiliation, disability, marital status or age. This method that this agencies must provide the exact same aid, benefits and services to all individuals and groups, other than as authorized by commonwealth or state legislation or the Governor"s executive order.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against, you may take one or all of the complying with actions:

You might talk v the ar welfare department"s Civil rights Representative: State the basis of the discrimination (for example, age, race, sex), the certain allegation (who, what, when) and the resolution you space seeking. You have actually 180 days from the date the alleged discrimination occurred to make a complaint or inquiry an investigation. If the representative falls short to fix your complain to her satisfaction, you may request one investigation. The county will certainly investigate the complaint and inform you of the outcome. You may also record a discrimination complaint through the proper federal agency: If her discrimination complaint involves the Food Stamp regime , create to: U.S. Department of agriculture 14th and Independence way SW administration Building Washington D.C. 20250 1-800-344-8477 for all various other discrimination complaints relating to any kind of other public help programs, write to: U.S. Department of Health and also Human services Office of Civil civil liberties 50 United nations Plaza san Francisco, londonchinatown.org 94102 1-800-368-1019