A usual trope in specific circles (like east martial fiction), is someone committing rapid suicide through biting his or her tongue. However is this really possible?

The web turns up numerous pages the speculation, but no Straight Dope. Human being have been removing the tongues indigenous mammals, and each other, throughout human history. There needs to be some clinical data on this somewhere.

Will one untreated, severe, lingual laceration, really result in bleed-out of one otherwise healthy and balanced human?

Or will certainly lingual trauma facilitate swallowing the tongue sufficiently to reason asphyxiation?

What walk the science say?Thanks!

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I know of an er doctor who had actually a patient who eliminated (by biting and also pulling) every last part of she tongue, she made it through that (although, her capability to speak was more than likely shot). The stump of her tongue clotted prior to she might even get in shock (at the very least where it was really serious).

Here is a quote indigenous the publication Angels in the ER (this is a paramedic speaking through the doc):

"Every bit of it. Gone. And the funny thing, Doc, is it didn"t also bleed very much." The doctor then request his patience to open up her mouth... "it was gone!"

It would absolutely be possible to commit suicide doing this if one was a hemophiliac or continued to remove the clot from the hole(s) in their tongue (although the latter might be a potentially painful and also I have actually a feeling that it would take a very, really long time!).



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