There’s part leftover soybean beans milk in the fridge, and also you won’t be able to use within the next week or so. You know it lasts just so long after opening, for this reason you’re searching for ways to lengthen the shelf life.

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have the right to you effectively freeze soybean beans milk? and also if so, just how to do it?

The finest answer ns can provide you is: freezing soy milk is perfectly fine, however only if you’re going to use it as component of a recipe. Let’s dive into details.


Can you Freeze soy Milk?

For starters, I want you to understand that soy milk sellers typically don’t introduce freezing your product. Here’s what Alpro (Alpro) says about freezing your soy milk:

Yes, if our assets are supplied in a recipe, her meal can easily be save on computer in the freezer as lengthy as girlfriend stick to the general freezing indict (…) If our assets are not integrated in a recipe, we do not recommend freeze them.

A similar message originates from Silk (Silk):

We carry out not introduce it. Although freezing does not affect their security or nutritional value, Silk products change in texture as soon as thawed.

And their concerns are perfectly legit, since yes, the structure of soy milk slightly transforms after freezing and thawing. Here’s how a glass the defrosted soy milk look at like:


And here’s the same glass next to fresh soybean beans milk:


The distinction in terms of appearance isn’t that far-reaching (if clearly shows at all), certainly nowhere near the difference between fresh and also thawed almond milk.


Different brand of soybean beans milk freeze differently, for this reason yours can not look together smooth together the one above.

Other than the appearance, the thawed soybean beans drink feeling slightly various than the new one in terms of texture, and that’s most likely what the producer meant.

Does that median that us shouldn’t freeze soy milk? not at all. The noticeable texture adjust is an essential if friend drink it straight from the glass, however is i do not have anything that relevant if you combine it in a recipe, prefer a smoothie, or dessert.

And that’s the answer come the inquiry of whether freezing soybean beans milk provides sense: it all depends on exactly how you plan on using it once thawed. And also if girlfriend don’t have any recipes in mind right now, don’t worry. Later on, ns share a couple of ideas to get you started.

Freezing soybean beans Milk

Below us cover two methods of freezing soy drink. Each has actually its pros and cons and also is the best choice in other circumstances.

How come Freeze soy Milk In Cubes?

Going v ice cubes is an excellent if you require to have the ability to easily thaw as lot soy milk as you require at a time. You don’t must worry around how you’re walk to usage the liquid after thawing, since no issue the recipe, you can defrost the compelled volume of soy milk without leftovers. The whole procedure takes a pair of minutes longer than freezing the fluid in containers, though.

Here’s exactly how it goes:

Pour soybean beans milk into an ice cube tray.


Put the tray right into the freezer and also leave that there until cubes freeze. I typically leave it in there overnight.Transfer the cubes right into a freezer bag. you can, that course, leave whatever as is, yet if you’re like me, you require that tray for other purposes. An additional benefit is the you can quickly grab a pair of cubes whenever needed.

Chuck the bag right into the freezer. If you uncover it useful, label the bag, therefore you understand what’s in it and when it was frozen.
WarningCubes of soy milk tend to acquire sticky (at least mine were), and removing them indigenous the ice cube tray is more an overwhelming than removing, e.g., coconut milk cubes or ice cream cubes.

How come Freeze soybean beans Milk In Containers?

Freezing in containers is great if you know beforehand exactly how much soybean beans milk you need for a recipe. Because that example, if you recognize that her smoothie requires fifty percent a cup of soybean beans milk, you have the right to freeze a container with specifically this amount. This way, as soon as you defrost it, it’s all set to go without measure or anything. And in some cases, you could be also able to litter it in frozen.

The totality thing goes like this:

Portion the soybean beans drink into containers. when in doubt, it’s usually far better to usage a few smaller ones than one or two large ones. Brand each one through name and volume if you think you could need it later on on.Chuck the containers into the freezer.

That’s it. You need to be excellent in a pair of minutes tops.

How to Defrost soybean beans Milk

When it comes to thawing frozen soybean beans milk, there room a pair of options:

Overnight in the fridge. The safest and also slowest way, finest for those that you good with plan ahead.In water. If you’re pressed for time, thawing in a bowl of lukewarm water can be an option.Throw it in frozen. try adding soybean beans milk cubes instead of ice cream cubes to her smoothie.

How To use Thawed soy Milk

Okay, you currently that frozen and also defrosted soy drink works ideal when included in recipes. Here are some concepts for you:

Smoothies. that was obvious, wasn’t it?Desserts, ice cream creams, etc. In this case, often you deserve to make the dessert using fresh soybean beans milk and freeze the ready thing instead.Pancakes and also muffins. Pancakes and muffins v dairy-free milk room super popular amongst vegans, and also there space dozens the recipes out there precious trying.

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