It can seem like once you’re not dealing with your child’s diarrhea or vomiting, you’re trying to get them to poop. Your little one’s digestive mechanism is still learning exactly how to operation smoothly. Plus, as you may really well know, constipation have the right to be a lifelong balancing act.

Up come 30 percent of kids have constipation. That can occur to babies, toddlers, and also older children. Your child could be constipated once in a while, or go numerous months without plenty of normal bowel movements.

Of course, you’ll execute anything to view your son healthy and also happy. Fortunately, laxatives and other remedies deserve to help, and also over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives favor Miralax execute work. However, recent reports show that they might cause side effects in part children.

Here’s what to know about Miralax and whether you’re far better off do the efforts a much more natural technique to help with your child’s constipation.

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Miralax is an OTC laxative the you can discover at your neighborhood pharmacy or medicine store. Girlfriend don’t need a prescription for it. It generally comes in a powder form that friend mix with water, juice, or milk. The Food and also Drug management (FDA) authorize Miralax for use in adult only.

The an essential ingredient in Miralax is polyethylene glycol 3350, or PEG. This chemical helps the digestive street absorb water. The water softens and also plumps up poop, do it easier to walk number two. Polyethylene glycol could also assist you have bowel movements more often.

Polyethylene glycol is very new on the constipation scene contrasted with other medications and also remedies. It has only to be used because 2000. This ingredient is also in other OTC laxatives like Glyvolax and Restoralax.

Many pediatricians say it’s yes sir to offer your kid Miralax. The manufacturer’s site advises that it’s “for adults and also children 17 year of age and also older” and says come consult a doctor for kids 16 and younger.

According to the site, the recommended day-to-day dosage — if you 17 year or enlarge — is 17 grams that Miralax powder dissolved in 4 to 8 ounces the a cold or warm beverage (like water, juice, or milk). The bottle comes v a practically measuring cap. It likewise states that Miralax should not be provided for longer than 7 days.

Individual clinic and also physician dosage references for youngsters vary rather a bit. The dosage you may find online have the right to seem confusing, together they’re sometimes greater than what the manufacturer recommends because that adults! It’s an important that friend consult her child’s physician, that knows her child’s medical needs best.

Although friend don’t require a prescription for Miralax, it’s quiet a medicine. Its main ingredient is polyethylene glycol (PEG). Utilizing too much Miralax can cause the opposite results of constipation: runny poop and diarrhea. If you want to try Miralax, ask her pediatrician for the finest dose for your child.

According to the label, it commonly works within 24 come 72 hours. This is a lengthy time to wait, especially when your little one is uncomfortable, but don’t provide your child much more than what her pediatrician recommends.

In theory, you deserve to be allergy to PEG. However, in reality, this is incredibly rare. A single case examine reported an anaphylaxis (severe allergic) reaction, but only 7 such cases have been reported an international since 1990.

Symptoms of a major allergic reaction include:

itchingrashswellingtingling in the arms or other areasdizzinessdifficulty breathingdifficulty swallowing shock

It’s worth mentioning that the Miralax manufacturer’s site has an allergy alert.

Miralax can reason some abdominal muscle side effects, including:

feeling full or bloatedfeeling stomach ache or pressureswelling in the stomach areanausea or vomitingdiarrhea

The Miralax label just mentions abdominal muscle side effects — none other.

When it an initial came ~ above the market, it to be clinically experiment to be safe for children. A few years later, parents and also the media started reporting behavior side effects in children.

However, there are no reports of this in the clinical literature. One testimonial is occasionally inaccurately cited. In the review, the following symptoms to be reported while children were taking PEG:

anxietymood swingsangeraggressionabnormal behaviorparanoia

That said, yes no proof that PEG brought about these symptoms. In fact, the researchers reached the conclusion that “negative windy perception prompted by media reporting and enhanced by internet activity has resulted in” more adverse event complaints, together well more refusals on the part of parental to provide their youngsters PEG.

More medical research is required to discover out if polyethylene glycol is responsible, or if these behavior changes are attached to various other causes.

Your children eating and also potty habits might be resulting in their constipation. Some kids are “potty-shy” since they one of two people don’t want to sit ~ above the restroom or lock afraid the it will hurt. Your child may organize in your bowel motions — on objective or not.

Avoiding or delaying going to the bathroom can lead come constipation in kids. Fussy eating habits can also change bathroom habits. If your kid is eating many processed foods or no getting sufficient fiber native fruits and also vegetables, lock may have a more daunting time pass stools.

Not drinking sufficient water may also cause or worsen constipation. Eat or drink too small also way your son will need to go come the bathroom less.

Let your pediatrician know if your child has actually constipation often. Health problems in kids can periodically lead to complicated bowel movements. These include:

anxiety stressunderactive thyroiddigestive diseasechanges in the size or shape of the intestines and also anusspinal cord problemsnerve troubles muscle diseasesome medications

There are plenty of good remedies because that this age-old problem. If you ask her parents exactly how they treated your constipation when you were young, you’ll probably hear some of these remedies. Offer your child plenty that fiber-rich foods to aid improve bowel movements:

prunescitrus fruitsapplespears kiwifruitfigsspinachrhubarboatmealbeanslentils

Other residence remedies for constipation include:

giving your child plenty of water to drinkusing a stool to prop up your child’s feet once they’re sitting on the toiletencouraging your child to spend much more time sit on the restroom

Occasional constipation is common in youngsters (and adults!). It’s generally not reason for concern and also doesn’t call for medication.

See your pediatrician if your child commonly has challenge going to the bathroom. Once constipation is chronic, occasionally a health problem may it is in the cause.

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A wide range of child wellness specialists proposal Miralax for chronic constipation — or for a “clean-out” for major constipation. However this doesn’t median that it will suit every child. More research is necessary on the safety and security of polyethylene glycol’s usage in children.

Your pediatrician might recommend Miralax or other laxatives. Ask because that a natural different if friend would favor to shot something else. Most doctors room happy to talk about these options. Nevertheless of what friend choose, let her doctor understand if girlfriend see any kind of changes in her child’s health and also behavior.

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