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Michael Menna, DO, is a board-certified, energetic attending emergency medication physician at White levels Hospital in White Plains, new York.

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Best Overall: NyQuil and also DayQuil major Caplets with Vicks VapoCool in ~ Amazon

"Both caplets contain comparable ingredients, favor a decongestant come unclog your nose and also an risk to loosen up the mucus in your chest and relieve coughs."

Best because that Sinus Pain: Vicks Sinex serious Sinus push & pains Non-Drowsy LiquiCaps in ~ Amazon

"The all-in-one sinus relief is stated to job-related in as little as 30 minutes, so there’s no have to sit approximately waiting for it to absent in."

Best Drink Mix: Theraflu Multi-Symptom major Cold Tea Infusions at Amazon

"The powder pairs nicely with hot water to serve a warm, comforting drink."

Best because that Night: GoodSense night Cold and also Flu Relief in ~ Amazon

"This cherry-flavored liquid strikes both by combining the occupational of a pains reliever, fever reducer, sneeze suppressant, and also antihistamine."

Best because that Kids: Children’s Tylenol at Amazon

"If your child’s symptoms incorporate pain and fever, acetaminophen prefer Tylenol is a tried-and-true method."

Best Tasting: Theraflu PowerPods Daytime serious Cold at Amazon

"The pods have the active ingredient of paracetamol to lull pain and also fever, dextromethorphan to suppress her cough, and also phenylephrine for nasal decongestion."

Best because that Cough: Robitussin Cough and also Chest jam DM Liquid-Filled Capsules at Amazon

"Dextromethorphan is always trusted as soon as it pertains to gaining control over a cough."

Best for Day: Mucinex Fast-Max Max Strength, Cold, Flu, & Sore throat Liquid in ~ Amazon

"Mucinex Fast-Max Max Strength can take away your sore throat, stuffy nose, and fever in a single dose ."

Heading to the drug save to choose up cold and flu medication seems favor a simple enough task, yet your symptoms could just gain worse before you figure out i beg your pardon of the hundreds of choices in the medication aisle is appropriate for you. 

Before beginning your quest for the finest medicine, friend must very first understand the difference between the flu, the typical cold, and also allergies. Errol McKenzie, MD, founder of family Medicine Associates that Fayetteville, claims a many patients tend to misinterpret symptoms, so it’s essential to make certain you gain tested because that the flu in ~ the very first 24 come 48 hours. If you positive, then your doctor have the right to prescribe friend antivirals to shorten the food of her flu or enhance some of her symptoms.

If girlfriend test an adverse and her flu-like symptom continue, consult with your physician on the best next steps. If her symptoms align v the flu and also involve share aches, respiratory tract issues, and a fever, climate you deserve to make your method to your regional drugstore. Just remember to keep in mental your an individual medical background as you browse the medication aisle. “If you have actually hypertension, asthma, cardiovascular disease, allergies, or eczema, you have to make certain that the ingredient in this over-the-counter medicines don't destabilize your existing clinical condition,” defines Dr. McKenzie. 

Even if you’re tempted to go with a familiar brand, closely read through the box for warnings and ingredients. “Make certain you're no allergic to anything in it and also that there room no sedative effects because if over there are, driving have the right to be prohibitive under those circumstances,” alerts Dr. McKenzie. 

Here are few of the most trusted over-the-counter flu medicines to have on hand.


Flu symptoms deserve to be relentless, indigenous the minute you wake up to the moment you hit the bed. It is why the DayQuil and also NyQuil severe combo load is a trusted girlfriend of those sick through flu-like symptoms; it doubles down on what’s hurting the most, even if it is that’s your head as result of a fever or your throat as result of a cough. 

You can start your morning with the DayQuil caplets without are afraid of drowsiness setting in during a liven workday. Climate you can turn come NyQuil once you’re prepared for bed and permit the antihistamine contents of the caplet to ease you into a pretty stupor. As well as the antihistamine, both species of caplets contain similar ingredients, favor a decongestant to unclog your nose and also an expectorant to loosen up the mucus in your chest and relieve coughs.

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DayQuil uses active ingredients acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, and phenylephrine while NyQuil provides acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, doxylamine succinate, and phenylephrine.