The an initial book to television adaptation that a J.K. Rowling book will arrive on the small screen in mid-February, and also the show is far better than the novel follow to one review.

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The Casual Vacancy mini-series will launch top top February 15 at 9 p.m. GMT top top BBC One, the network announced this week. The collection consists of three hour-long episodes and stars Michael Gambon, Julia McKenzie, and also Keeley Hawes.

The tv adaptation the Rowling’s very first post-Potter novel may put a bandaid top top the story for readers who were less than thrilled v the book. Right now sitting limp v a 3-star rating top top Amazon, it is the shortest rated of the 10 publications Rowling has published over her career (“It walk from gift a lively comedy of courtesy to over-wrought slog by the end,” wrote one an important reviewer).

A review of the very first Casual Vacancy mini-series episode published on The Guardian speaks extremely of the adaptation penned by buy it Phelps. Because that example, the evaluation states the the book, i m sorry they think about “at times rather unremittingly awful,” has actually been adapted into a “more bearable” story.

“Rowling’s book can be rather relentlessly bleak,” the reviewer writes. “Phelps has additionally injected more humour and, by enabling The Casual Vacancy’s hero to survive for longer than the scant couple of pages Rowling allowed in the novel, carried some much-needed warmth come the screen.”

In various other words, this may be among very few occasions whereby a display is much better than the book it’s based on.

Rowling appears to be really pleased with the adaptation too. In December us learned that Rowling and also BBC One are teaming increase again to adapt her Cormoran win series. The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm, the an initial two books in the series, have actually received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

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The Casual Vacancy is not just the first book of Rowling’s to be adjusted for television, however it’s additionally the an initial Rowling publication to receive a tie-in edition. The cover functions four personalities including Gambon’s:


Rowling prevented the Harry Potter books from receiving tie-in version – a decision that was praised by fans.

HBO teamed up with BBC One to produce The Casual Vacancy mini-series, therefore presumably the American cable channel is aiming come air this collection sometime this year.