Just curious what civilization think, i beg your pardon half-man half-livestock would victory in a directly fight, top top say, an open field, purely hand to...limb combat.

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I think that the minotaur has actually the better feats. He had an entire castle complex built over him to stop him native presumably damaging Crete. He successfully killed 42 Athenian citizens in hand to hand, who may have been equipped depending on the myth.

Some historians think that centaurs were based on the Greeks very first encountering equine archers, which way they are probably far better at long variety combat. Additionally, horse legs are reasonably fragile, which shows that your kicks wouldn't it is in the safest thing for them. Punches could be rather effective, together they are solid enough to use a bow, however that would certainly most most likely be comparable to a normal human's fist, while the minotaur was qualified of for sure outclassing many humans.

I'd give it to the minotaur.

That's assuming that the minotaur have the right to close the distance. If the fight is in an open field, rather than in the minotaur's lair, what's to prevent the centaur from really behaving like an ancient horse archer, and also just kiting/skirmishing the minotaur to death?

After law a little light analysis on both the would absolutely be the minotaur. Theseus needed assist to death it yet it to be still difficult, climate he goes and also drives turn off an army of centuars in a later on myth. I assumed the centuar would have an intelligence advantage but they space kinda illustrated as wild and also crazy much more often 보다 not. Wasn't Chiron a rarely centuar for being intelligent and not a huge cunt? additionally the only real advantage the centuar would have actually would it is in it's skill in archery but since it's hand come hand, it's every in minotaurs favor. Offer the centuar a bow and also it was standing a much better chance.

Hmmm, in spite of the limb and speed/mobility advantage I think the Minotaur's horns provide it a decisive lethality benefit in no weapon combat.

The centaur would be an you are fool to not simply run far effortlessly, return that's no really permitted by the OP.

Well, if total Warhammer has actually taught me anything, it's the a Minotaur would destroy a Centaur. A Centaur could have a stronger charge, yet a Minotaur would have actually a strength and durability advantage. A Minotaur should have the ability to snap a Centaurs spindly foot with loved one ease and if the Minotaur knocks the Centaur down, it's over.

I'd go v minotaur, if girlfriend knocked a centaur end - which ns reckon a healthy and balanced minotaur could - the would have trouble obtaining up, causing the minotaur getting 4 or 5 solid hits for every one or 2 from the centaur.

Hmm... I've actually seen this done, however with weapons. (The newer, not original BBC, variation of The Lion, the Witch, and also the Wardrobe).

The centaur won, two swords to the minotaur's battleaxe.

Unarmed, though... Minotaur's got those horns, which would hit way harder than hooves. So, unarmed, gotta walk minotaur.

The Minotaur is a many bigger and stronger than the Centaur. The Centaur has actually the speed advantage so it'll just shot to save charging right into the Minotaur. Yet the Minotaur have the right to pick increase the Centaur and is strong enough to crush it while goring it through its horns.

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Minotaur would smoke that 11/10. Centaur's just hope to success is to save running away and shooting the minotaur till the minotaur drops over, but because it's melee then the mino should smoke him.


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