In this worksheet, we will exercise analyzing the magnitudes, directions, and also resources of forces that act on objects relocating along circular paths.

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What is the magnitude of the centripetal pressure that should act on a things of mass 1.0 kg to make it move along a circular course of diameter 1.0 m, completing a circle every 1.0 s? Give your answer to the nearemainder newton.


A vehicle with mass 360 kg travels at constant speed alengthy a circular course about a level roundabout. The radius of the roundabout is 12 m. The vehicle takes a time of 28 s to totally take a trip approximately the roundabout.

What is the friction force in between the wheels of the automobile and also the surchallenge of the road? Give your answer to the nearest newton.

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What is the coefficient of static friction for the wheels of the automobile on the surface of the road? Use a worth of 9.8 m/s2 for the acceleration as a result of gravity. Give your answer to 3 decimal places.


A spinning disk has a string that holds a tiny spbelow that has a mass of 16 g. The string is suspended from a allude at a negligible distancefrom its center, as displayed in the diagram. The disk rotates uniformly about itscenter through an angular velocity of 24 rad/s. The string provides an angle of