On Saturday, September 25, you have the possibility to help give breakfast to a son who might otherwise not have actually it. 

For the entire day, top top September 25, every purchase of Cheerios on Instacart will cause a $1 donation from Cheerios to No kid Hungry, increase to $30,000. This contains all flavors and sizes the Cheerios. 

You have actually from 12 a.m. PST come 11:59 p.m. PST.


As kids across the U.S. have re-entered the classroom this fall, 1 in 6 children could struggle through hunger.<1> This hunger affects everything, consisting of the capability to learn.  


Cheerios is teaming up with No boy Hungry because they have actually a setup to help feed children — now and in the months to come. 

“One of Cheerios’ brand ambitions is come ensure all youngsters have access to breakfast,” states Kathy Dixon, an elderly manager, Brand Experience, Cheerios. “This partnership through No boy Hungry and Instacart is one step closer come helping solve the breakfast gap.” 

Cheerios has a longstanding partnership with No boy Hungry. 

Last summer, Cheerios donated $1.3 million come No kid Hungry to support children facing hunger in the wake of COVID-19. 


“No son Hungry and also Cheerios’ connection is established upon a common dedication to to fill kid’s bellies,” says Diana Hovey, an elderly vice president, this firm Partnerships, Share our Strength. “As we proceed to work-related to rebuild indigenous the pandemic, we know this cooperation is vital in helping to ensure children have accessibility to the food castle need and are able come learn, grow and also reach their complete potential.” 

The partnership with Instacart, however, is the first of its sort for the brand. 

“Instacart is proud to join Cheerios and also No child Hungry in help to ensure all children have access to a healthy breakfast,” states Jennifer Meyer, regional director the Brand partnerships at Instacart. “Instacart’s mission is to produce a human being where anyone has accessibility to the food castle love and much more time to gain it together and through this Instacart Ads campaign, we’re proud to help empower client to make a distinction while filling their online carts.” 

“We know the pandemic has been hard for so many kids, so we desire to make sure we do every little thing we deserve to to ensure youngsters have access to a healthy breakfast,” to add Dixon. 

To acquisition your crate of Cheerios, head come Instacart.com or visit the app. 

<1> https://www.nokidhungry.org/coronavirus 

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