Kindergarten/First GradeDesign your very own Christmas card.Make a Christmas wish list.Make a Christmas storage quilt square by illustration a photo of her favorite Christmas memory and writing a sentence around it. Dough your photo and sentence onto a paper of red or green paper.Write a letter to Santa.Primary GradesWrite a Christmas purchase list.Bake Christmas cookies through a family member or friend. Create a paragraph about the process.Write one unselfish letter come Santa, asking him to carry a necessary item come a girlfriend or family member. Create an invite inviting a family members member or friend to a Christmas party. Phone call where and when the party is. Placed the invitation in an envelope and attend to it properly.Make a Christmas memory quilt square by drawing a snapshot of your favorite Christmas memory and also writing a brief paragraph (three to 5 sentences) about it. Dough your snapshot and sentence top top a paper of red or environment-friendly paper.Write a quick paragraph (three to 5 sentences)telling what you like most about Christmas.Choose a brief Christmas-themed word and use it as a springboard to create a an easy Christmas acrostic. Imagine that you space an elf in Santa"s workshop. Write a letter to a friend telling what the week prior to Christmas is like.Upper elementary GradesInterview a grandparent or yonsei neighbor come learn about their childhood Christmases. Develop a Venn diagram comparing Christmas then and Christmas now.Write one acrostic poem utilizing the phrase "Merry Christmas."Try to write a Christmas story using just one-syllable words.Write and illustrate an initial Christmas story. Check out your Christmas story to a younger child.Write your own Christmas carol, paying attention to meter and rhyme scheme. Girlfriend may collection it come a familiar tune or create an initial tune for it.Write a description of Christmas morning at her house.Brainstorm a perform of vacation traditions.Make a peak ten perform outlining your ten favorite elements of Christmas.Imagine the you were among the shepherds who heard the angel announce the bear of the Christ child. Compose a journal entry around the evening. What did girlfriend see?What did girlfriend hear?What did you do?How did you feel?Should schools enable students to have Christmas parties?Write a letter come your college principal saying for or against Christmas parties.Write a paragraph telling what Christmas means to you.Middle School and also BeyondWrite a persuasive paragraph to convince a skeptic that Santa Claus really does exist.Write a personal narrative relenten the finest Christmas girlfriend have ever before had.Write one extended definition of the word "Christmas."Write one essay the answers the inquiry "What is Christmas every about?"Take a familiar Christmas story and also adapt it right into a reader"s theater piece. Enlist the aid of friends or classmates to execute it.Write a letter come the editor the your regional newspaper saying for or against Christmas display screens in public places.Is Christmas also commercialized?Write one essay the answers the question and explains your answer.Christmas Story StartersAbiah struggled to keep his eyes open up as he sat under the night sky watching his father"s sheep. Suddenly, a glowing light split the night sky. ..."Please,"the young man pleaded. "My mam is about to have a child. Us must have a room -- a closet, anything.""Well,"the innkeeper progressively replied, "there"s a stable out ago ..."Grandmother pulled the last tray of gingebread guys from the oven. Unexpectedly ...Johnny shook the critical coin from his piggy bank. $5.67 -- that was all the money he had to buy Christmas gifts for his mother, father, sister, and grandmother ..."Ho - ho - help me!"came the voice indigenous the chimney ...All the elves were hard at occupational in Santa"s workshop ... All yet one, the is ...Grandpa Joe satellite all alone in his living room. For the very first time in 70 years, he hadn"t bothered with a Christmas tree ...I woke through a start. Miscellaneous red shone with the window. Why, the looked favor a reindeer nose! ..."Come on,"Sue said. "Go Christmas caroling with us. It will certainly be fun!" ...Off in the distance,I heard the sound of sleigh bells. ...

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