What"s more fun 보다 a treasure hunt?!  Pair that with learning around God and also you get much more than earthly treasure...you find Heavenly treasure! 


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More Scriptures around Treasure:

The bible talks a lot about "treasure." just a few Scriptures that cite treasure space as follows:

Matthew 13:44 ""The kingdom of heaven is prefer treasure hidden in a field. As soon as a man found it, he hid that again, and also then in his delight went and sold all he had and bought that field."

2 Corinthians 4:7 "But we have this endowment in jars of clay to display that this all-surpassing power is native God and not from us."

1 Timothy 6:19 "In this method they will lay increase treasure because that themselves as a firm structure for the coming age, so the they may take host of the life the is important life."

Fun sweetheart Hunts:

 1. Discover the Clues

We"ve provided this form of sweetheart hunt together a family. Instead of taking our children "Trick or Treating" ~ above Halloween, we determined to develop a fun treasure hunt for them not just to find candy treats, but also Biblical treats.  yet this have the right to be used any time; it can also be a fun method to bible drill or use for a youth activity.  below is a printable copy of ideas with objects that are uncovered in most residences or church buildings.

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We gave them one clue to begin. I love rhyming clues, so I consisted of several; I"ve likewise use Scripture ideas that room fun. The very first clue resulted in the second, the 2nd to the third, and also so on. The final clue led them to "the treasure" - a load of candy in addition to several "treasure Scriptures."

Our children loved it and certainly never ever felt "left out" once it concerned having fun and also getting treats. We were maybe to take it a job the Lord has made and also rejoice in the while also celebrating the irradiate of His life.

Scripture ideas can be composed out or because that a scriptures drill activity, just give them the reference and have castle look the scriptures verses up.

Sample scripture clues:

* Matthew 16:19: "I will give you the secrets of the kingdom the heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will it is in loosed in heaven."

<"Keys" - leave next clue either wherein you keep your auto keys or top top the piano secrets if you have actually one.>

* Matthew 7:8 "For everyone that asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

<"Door" - leave the following clue on the prior door.>

* Psalm 69:2: "I sink in the miry depths, wherein there is no foothold. I have actually come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me."

<"Sink" - leave the following clue in the kitchen sink>

* 1 queens 17:19: ""Give me your son," Elijah replied. He take it him from her arms, lugged him come the upper room wherein he was staying, and also laid that on his bed."

<"Bed" - leaving the following clue under a bed>

Printable copy that 14 holy bible Treasure hunt clues.   These might be supplied with varying challenge for different ages.  for younger youngsters you may want to offer them the verse published out and also the "clue" word emphasize or underlined.  A little more difficulty would it is in not noting the "clue" word and having them number it out.  but for older youngsters or even using this together a youth activity, you may want to only provide them the printed holy bible references in order.  They can work together as groups looking them up and also locating a proviso or execute it individually.  there is also a "hider"s key" because that you to have the ability to keep up with each clue"s location!  :)


2. Treasure Hunt with Rhyming clues

Rhyming clues might be a little harder. Ns tried come weave in scriptures truth v each one too.


* Jesus passed away for you and me,For life everlasting, He"s the "key." (by automobile keys, piano secrets or computer keyboard)

* A brand-new song to the mr I will sing,Find the following clue by other that can "ring." (telephone)

* He"ll to wash our sins together white together snow,Look because that something that can really grow. (a houseplant)

Okay, I"m not the greatest at poetry; you acquire the idea though.

The hints for the treasure hunt don"t have to be long. Ns usually simply think of a word I want to usage for the reservation (key, ring, grow) and then walk from there building a clue come rhyme with that word. It"s really fun once you acquire started, and the kids love it!

Also, shot having students search the holy bible using hints to discover answers v theseBible Treasure hunt puzzles.

Scavenger Hunts

1.  active Scavenger Hunt v Bibles

A holy bible scavenger endowment huntcan likewise be a lot of fun. Entrants look up the scriptures verse reference and then actively participate!


2. Photograph Scavenger Hunt

We"ve had an excellent fun with picture scavenger hunts through older kids and also youth too!  for younger youngsters we put an adult through each team using their own cell phone; youth must choose one phone call to usage in your group.  We gave them a list of "photo ops" they have to take.  They deserve to be limited to the church grounds if needed.  Each photograph must incorporate the entirety group other than for the photographer - 

sit on a pewsomeone with a infant doll from the nurserydoing a handstand by the church signa photo with the pastorall jumping turn off the soil in the church yardsitting under a crossin front of the pulpitin the farthest northern edge of the church The possibilities are endless! 

Sometimes we team it v a bible object lesson on being produced in God"s image!

3. NEw
Gospel Scavenger Hunt

Using 15 items that must be found, participants will certainly learn around God"s love and likewise how we should love others utilizing Scriptures and also treasure messages.


4.  publications of the holy bible - Printable

For a printable scriptures book hunt, try using the following:

Can you discover the surname of 25 publications of the bible in this paragraph? This is a many remarkable puzzle. Someone uncovered it in the seat pocket on a flight from Los Angeles come Honolulu, maintaining himself populated for hours. One man from Illinois operated on this when fishing from his man boat. Roy Clark studied it while playing his banjo. Elaine Victs mentioned it in her column once. One woman judges the job to it is in so involving, she brews a cup the tea to aid calm her nerves. There will certainly be some names that are really straightforward to spot...that"s a fact. Some civilization will soon find themselves in a jam, especially because the book names space not have to capitalized. The reality is, native answers us get, we are compelled to admit it generally takes a minister or scholar to see several of them at the worst. Something in our genes is responsible for the difficulty we have. Those able come find every one of them will certainly hear great lamentations indigenous those who have to be shown. One revelation might help, books like! Timothy and also Samuel may happen without their numbers. And punctuation or spaces in the center are normal. A chipper perspective will help you compete. Remember, there room 25 books of the scriptures lurking what in this paragraph.

Click below for answers...

5.  Easter Scavenger Hunt

With 2020 and limited ways to obtain Easter Eggs, we created this Easter Scavenger Hunt.  It works well for youth and kids that think themselves also "old" because that an Easter Egg Hunt, but is just as fun and teaches a lot!


A couple of more...

More books of the holy bible puzzles...Or here"s aprintable scavenger huntthat have the right to be supplied with kids using rhyming clues or usage it with scriptures verses because that older youngsters or a youth group scavenger hunt activity.

Have fun & you re welcome Pin or Bookmark united state for the future!

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