I have not had actually a chance to play all the brand-new civilizations in the Brave brand-new World expansion. Each brand-new civilization is pretty interesting though, as they every have an extremely unique bonuses and also utilize novel video game mechanics. I am to plan on composing a quick strategy post about each the the new civilizations as I beat them, and also I"m walk to start with my favorite of the brand-new civs (so far): Assyria.

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Assyria is just one of the most an effective and feared civilizations of the ancient world. Your prowess top top the battlefield and also brutal therapy of put down foes make their militaries so feared by rivals, the most opponents would seal us behind walls fairly than confront Assyrian militaries in the open up field. The is, if castle didn"t simply surrender in exchange for leniency. Because of this, Assyria became masters that siege warfare and also developed numerous novel tactics and also inventions to aid in the storming that walls and breaking of gates. This prowess in siege is stood for in Civilization V: Brave new World with both the visibility of the Siege Tower distinct unit, and also the armed forces experience boost given through the imperial Library distinct building, also the strong incentive that Assyrian players are provided for catching cities.

Ashurbanipal was the last far-reaching king that the Neo-Assyrian Empire. He rule through most of the middle of the seventh century B.C.E. Back Ashurbanipal managed the start of the decrease of the Assyrian Empire, that is finest known because that his legendary repertoire of picture writing documents the were save on computer in his royal palace at Nineveh.


Assyrian uniques in Civilization V: Brave brand-new World


All the Assyria"s uniques relate come their old military prowess.

Treasures the Nineveh

"When a city is conquered, get a free Technology already discovered by its owner. Getting a city v a trade deal does no count, and also it deserve to only take place once per adversary city."


Assyria"s nationwide power is specifically based about warfare. Play a serene game, and you will never get to use this ability. In addition, there room three crucial points to remember:

City-States do have technologies (based on the tech development of the civs the City-State has actually met), and Assyria can steal City-State techs.When friend capture another civilization"s city, they must possess a an innovation that you execute not have in order for you to receive a reward. If you"ve eclipsed your enemy in research, then you receive no benefit.The tech reward is only offered once per adversary city captured. However, if you raze the city, and also the various other player founds a new one in the exact same spot, it is technically a new city. For this reason raze captured cities!

Since there is no technology trading and also no overview display screens that show relative technology progress, friend may find it difficult to tell which civs have actually techs that you don"t have. You can use era-advancement, wonder-completion notifications, and also the "Literacy" metric that the Demographics panel to aid track this, but one more useful tool is the trade course list. Due to the fact that trade paths generate +1 scientific research for each tech that the other civ has actually which you carry out not have, this menu deserve to tell you specifically how much ahead of you each other civ is. The just downside is that you can only use this to check civs that room within range of a trade route, or which you have an energetic trade route with.

Royal Library

Requirements: writing technology, and 1 yellow per rotate maintenance.

Cost: 75 manufacturing (same together Library)

Effects: +1 science for every 2 citizens in the city (same as Library).1 great Work of composing slot.Provides +10 XP to newly-trained units as soon as the good Writing slot is filled.


Game Info: "Unique Assyrian Library replacement. +1 scientific research for every 2 citizens in the City. Also has a slot because that a an excellent Work of creating which, as soon as filled, offers extra XP to trained Units."Civilopedia Strategy: "In addition to the science output that the Library it replaces, the royal Library likewise has a good Work of composing slot. As soon as filled through a good Work, it gives 10 extra XP to systems trained in this city, so ar a an excellent Work here as quickly as possible for the best benefit. Just the Assyrians may construct it."

Again, there space two necessary things come realize about the Assyrian royal Library:

It walk not provide any bonus towards scientific research output the is not part of the regular Library building.The 10 XP rise only applies when the royal Library"s good Work slot is filled. No great Works: no advantage to Assyria!

The royal Library has the exact same tech requirement, maintain cost, and also production cost of the regular Library, so you don"t have to make any added investments in order to construct it, beyond what girlfriend would perform for a consistent library. The bonus XP is reasonably modest, for this reason the real strength of the building is the bonus society and tourism of the great Work slot. But because bonus XP can"t hurt, you need to fill your royal Libraries in unit-producing urban first, uneven you can gain a theming bonus otherwise.

If you"re torn in between a theming bonus and filling the imperial Library"s great Work slot in bespeak to get bonus XP, remember the you can always move a good Work into the imperial Library top top the turn before a unit is perfect in order to gain the XP, then relocate the Work ago to the themed building on the following turn and also only lose 1 revolve of the theme bonus. Alternatively, you deserve to move the an excellent Work into the imperial Library, buy a unit for the extra XP, then move the an excellent Work back to the themed building, every in the same turn, and without losing any kind of turn"s precious of the template bonus! friend cheater ;)

Siege Tower


Requirements: math technology, and 1 yellow per turn maintenance.

Obsoleted: Physics modern technology (same together Catapult)

Cost: 75 production / 150 faith / 390 gold (same together Catapult)

Attack Type: Melee, Combat Class: Melee, Strength: 12 (+5 indigenous Catapult).

Movement Speed: 2 (same together Catapult).

Bonuses: 200% bonus versus cities (same together Catapult), Extra Sight, Cover I promo (+33% defense against ranged attacks)The unique promotion, "Sapper" (grants nearby units +50% combat bonus as soon as attacking the city that the Siege Tower is nearby to).

Penalties: No defensive terrain bonuses (same together Catapult). It have the right to only attack cities.

Game Info: "Powerful melee siege unit which sponsor a city strike bonus to adjacent units when alongside an enemy city. May only be developed by the Assyrians."Civilopedia Strategy: "This melee siege unit must move next come an enemy city to be effective, yet once that has, the is devastating. It not only has actually a powerful city strike of that own, but additionally confers a bonus to any of your surrounding units likewise attacking the city. Enhance a Siege Tower with melee or ranged units, and make sure it reaches its target prior to getting killed, and cities will autumn much much more quickly."

Six essential things come realize about the Assyrian Siege Tower:

The fact that the Siege Tower is a melee unit also means that every Siege Tower the you bring is one fewer Swordsman, Spearman, or Warrior the you have the right to place top top the prior lines of a city siege. But, due to the fact that the Siege Tower is melee, it can catch cities ~ above its own, meaning you don"t necessarily need those various other melee units!
The Sapper advantage does apply to both melee and also ranged units, yet it only grants the 50% bonus to other units as soon as the Siege Tower, itself, is surrounding to the city. For this reason don"t think the you can park it out of range of the city"s bombardment and still obtain the bonus on various other units attack the city.The Sapper promotion does not apply to the Siege Tower itself; however, if you build two Siege Towers, they can offer each other the +50% bonus. They likewise benefit indigenous the Discipline social policy in the respect tree.The Sapper bonus go not stack.The Sapper promo does not carry over when you upgrade to a Trebuchet. (Nor does the Extra sight or City-Attack only.)

Like other ancient and classic unique units, the Siege Tower suffers indigenous the trouble of gift an early-game unique unit. This provides it seem much more expensive and difficult to produce than later units due to the fact that you merely don"t have enough cities with high enough populace in order to produce many of the unit. But, through Cover I, +200% matches cities, and also the capacity to capture cities by itself, 2 Siege Towers and also a few Archers or Composite Bowmen is all you"ll require in order to be a city-sacking an equipment early in the game. Also, because it"s a very solid unit, that is still viable well right into the following era, as long as girlfriend can protect it from adversary Knights, Pikemen, and also Longswordsmen. The Honor policy Tree"s Warrior Code policy will speed up the training of Siege Towers and Discipline will provide them +15% strength if castle are surrounding to one more friendly (melee) unit, due to the fact that they room melee units. Include a great General, and a pair of Siege Towers will each have actually +285% strength against cities!

A solitary stock Hunnic battering Ram has slightly much better combat potential 보다 a solitary stock Siege Tower due to its greater city attack modifier (and is accessible earlier), yet the Siege Tower has actually the benefit of granting a big bonus to various other units involved in the siege. And if you have two Siege Towers, castle will offer each other the Sapper bonus, and will be same to the Hunnic damaging Ram in state of helpful combat strength. No unit has actually a clear edge over the other, and they are both highly effective city-sacking weapons.

A surprisingly functional civilization

At very first glance, the Assyrians may seem favor they room geared exclusively towards 2 victory types: domination and also technology, but this is absolutely no the case! Assyria"s uniques have countless indirect properties the make castle a viable contender for all victory types, and also a very versatile civ as whole - as long as you play aggressively.

Playing indigenous behind

In fact, Assyria"s unique ability method that you need to be playing from behind in order come take benefit of it. If you charge ahead in technology, then you won"t get any type of benefit. Instead, Assyria is specifically geared towards attacking technologically exceptional foes. Simply be careful that you don"t bite off an ext than you have the right to chew. If you"re far behind, don"t strike the scientific research leader directly. Instead, focus on intermediate civs (and even city states) that have actually a smaller sized tech sheet on you together you catch up. Be certain to raze recorded cities uneven the city contains wonders, has unique luxuries, or is specifically desirable because that some various other reason. Your UA only works once v each captured city, so you don"t want your opponent recording it back. Plus, if friend raze the city, and also the civ build a brand-new city in the exact same location, climate you potentially have a shiny brand-new technology to steal!

Remember that capitals, City-States, and also Indonesia"s "Spice Islander" cities cannot it is in razed, so think carefully prior to capturing such a city.

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You can additionally focus ~ above picking turn off the smaller, weaker border settlements in order to steal technologies if you are came to that you room not strong enough because that a direct assault on an additional civ"s capital.